Zenless Zone Zero characters – robots, bears, and maids, oh my

Welcome to New Eridu, and the thrilling world of Zenless Zone Zero. Dive into the story of the final metropolis, the place you may tackle commissions, discover hollows along with your squad, and struggle by way of altering labyrinths as you search the reality in your pursuit of hope, uncovering a conspiracy alongside the way in which.

There are additionally loads of factions to find alongside the way in which, every populated by a number of intriguing Zenless Zone Zero characters that every look as superior because the final. While we might not know a lot in regards to the ZZZ characters in the intervening time, Hoyoverse has drip-fed us crumbs of data by way of social media, its official site, and new trailers. So, let’s check out the whole lot we learn about these highly effective champs up to now.

We’ll replace this information every time Hoyoverse releases new data, so keep tuned for extra. In the meantime, take a look at our Zenless Zone Zero launch date speculations to seek out out when you may sink your tooth into this contemporary journey. We even have loads of content material overlaying Hoyoverse’s different present and upcoming titles, together with our Honkai Star Rail characters information and Genshin Impact tier record.

So, with out additional ado, let’s check out all the Zenless Zone Zero characters we’ve seen up to now.

ZZZ Proxies

‘Behind seemingly peaceful streets, Proxies operate in a warped reality.’

While the data on Zenless Zone Zero remains to be sparse, each the official web site and the ZZZ trailer, we are able to see {that a} group referred to as The Proxies play a particularly essential roles in New Eridu. And, as Hoyoverse invitations you to ‘live dual identities, two opposing personas’, we consider that you simply, the participant, take the function of a proxy on this thrilling new world.

Firstly, what does proxy imply? Well, outdoors of ZZZ, a proxy is a person with the authority to signify another person, and is normally a time period utilized in voting. As such, we consider that proxies are folks within the ‘real world’ who function or management characters within the warped actuality.

This leads us to consider that the younger man and girl proven within the ZZZ trailer are the proxies, and that they’re comparable not directly to the Genshin Impact Travelers. So, if we’re heading in the right direction, you’ll probably get the chance to decide on both the male or feminine character, then take management of the opposite ZZZ characters from the completely different factions within the warped actuality.

If that’s the case, we’re nonetheless not sure as as to if all of the Zenless Zone Zero characters are thought-about ‘proxies’, or if it’s simply the primary participant character. We’re additionally not sure if the primary participant character has their very own abilities and skills, or should you’ll be solely counting on the preventing abilities of the people from the completely different factions. We’ll have to attend and see!

Zenless Zone Zero characters from Gentle House

ZZZ Gentle House

Gentle House, aka Cunning Hares, is the faction that will get probably the most display screen time within the ZZZ trailer, and is among the few whose brand and title is totally seen. Described because the Odd-Job Agency, Gentle House’s emblem exhibits a grinning pink bunny surrounded by stars. Here’s what we all know in regards to the Gentle House members up to now.

  • Anby Dimera – Anby’s age and previous are a thriller. She was by accident taken in by Nicole, and ended up becoming a member of Gentle House, progressively rising into a robust and reliable companion. She’s identified for her superior fight skills, and has a deep love for films, however can be seen because the codependent ‘baby bird’ of the group.
  • Nicole or NosTradamus – a tall, pink-haired girl with golden eyes and white and black clothes. Little is thought about Nicole apart from her being the one who introduced Anby underneath her wing. Due to this and her place within the foreground throughout the trailer, she appears to be of excessive standing inside Gentle House. She’s seen carrying a briefcase that transforms right into a weapon throughout battle.
  • Billy – Billy is a mysterious robotic in a human disguise. He sports activities crimson garments, a black faceplate with glowing, gold eyes, and spiky white hair. Billy wields twin pistols, and has a pointy eye for capturing.
  • Unknown cat lady – the ZZZ trailer additionally exhibits a cat lady in Gentle House, who wears black and crimson garments and has black and white cat ears and a tail. While we don’t know a lot about this scrappy little gal, she seems to fill a rogue function, as she strikes round at nice speeds, attacking her enemies with a flurry of blades.
  • ‘Manager’ – on the finish of the battle between Gentle House and a Hollow within the ZZZ trailer, a small, spherical, rabbit-like character could be seen sporting a bandana. Billy picks this squishy bunny up and manhandles it, asking ‘manager, which way should we run?’ We’re not sure whether or not this bunbun really holds any form of authority, or if it’s some form of avatar or conduit – maybe for the participant proxy?
  • Zenless Zone Zero characters from B. Industries

B. Industries

While the total title of B. Industries is obscured within the trailer, we are able to see that the logo is a roaring bear sporting a hardhat. This ties in with the economic theme proven within the members’ garments, who’re all sporting white jumpsuits with warning tape accents, and wielding weapons that appear to be instruments, equivalent to drills. All of this leads us to consider B. Industries could also be concerned in building after they’re not bashing baddies. In the trailer, we see three characters related to B. Industries.

  • A tall man with cool crimson and black spiky hair, a warning tape-style headband, and a jacket over his shoulders. He wields an arm-mounted drill.
  • A brief, red-haired girl, described as ‘small but sweet’. This fiery girl wields what seems to be a hammer-drill hybrid.
  • An enormous, hulking bear with a scar over his eye, a gold chain, and sharp fangs, wielding a big hunk of steel that appears to be a cross between a building hammer drill and a minigun or rocket launcher.

Zenless Zone Zero characters from Victoria House Keeping

Victoria House Keeping

This group consists of two characters within the ZZZ trailer, wearing costumes that make them look the a part of a standard, Victorian butler and maid.

  • The most important Victoria House Keeping character we see is a woman with inexperienced hair in bunches, who’s accompanied by the phrase ‘sentimental’ – which slots into place when she seems visibly distressed and cries earlier than attacking with a strong weapon that appears to be a polearm with a buzz noticed or circle blade on the finish. In becoming with the title of her faction, she wears a basic, black and white maid’s gown, accompanied by shackles on her wrists, chains round her waist, and a cute, teddy bear backpack.
  • The different character from this faction doesn’t seem within the struggle scene, however he’s proven within the Victoria House Keeping introduction. He’s some form of animal-human hybrid, probably a fox or a wolf, with white fur and a butler’s outfit, full with golden knuckle dusters and some form of masks.

Zenless Zone Zero characters, the oni and the kitsune samurai

The oni and the kitsune samurai

The last faction seems to include two characters as nicely, however we are able to’t see any type of title, and even the logo is obscured. Here’s what we are able to collect from the trailer.

  • The first character on this faction is an oni-like character, with blue pores and skin, white hair, horns, and ears. They put on a masks that reminds us of Genshin Impact’s Xiao, and wield what seems to be some form of shovel, banner, or fan atop a pole.
  • The different has been named Unagi, and seems as a kitsune-girl character, with massive, black fox ears. She has glowing, crimson eyes and wears a darkish blue kimono whereas wielding an enormous, glowing katana.

Zenless Zone Zero characters that look like squishy bunnies

Other Zenless Zone Zero characters

Naturally, the trailer principally focuses on these butt-kicking fighters taking down monsters. However, a variety of different characters make transient appearances all through. There are a bunch of cute, squishy, bunny-like critters, much like the one Billy calls ‘manager’ hopping round all through.

There’s additionally a navy-skinned robotic girl with inexperienced hair and a chic gown, and a red-faced man with robotic arms working a ramen stall. All of those characters construct a wider image of this thrilling final metropolis, and we personally can’t wait to discover it.

That’s the whole lot we all know in regards to the Zenless Zone Zero characters up to now. As talked about above, we’ll replace this information when Hoyoverse pronounces any new data, so make sure to bookmark this web page and verify again for extra. In the meantime, head over to our record of the very best video games like Genshin Impact to maintain you busy.

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