Wild Rift Ekko Guide: Best Builds, Runes and Gameplay Tips

Born within the Undercity of Zaun, situated beneath Piltover, Ekko is a boy with a genius-level mind. His mother and father recognized his potential when he was little or no, therefore they strove to ship him to the most effective faculties in Piltover, and ensure that he will get the most effective alternatives. Ekko may make complicated units earlier than he even realized to stroll. He has such a excessive degree of intelligence, that he even designed his personal little time-warping machine when he was a child. In this Wild Rift information, we’ll check out the most effective emblem, spell, and builds, together with ideas and tips to dominate each sport with Ekko.

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Skill Analysis

Ekko is an Assassin-Mage. He makes use of primarily Ability Power objects and is a burst-damage Assassin. Due to his story, he has a singular relationship with time, and that displays in his talents. Let us check out his expertise intimately.

Passive – Z-Drive Resonance

Ekko 0 ability icon 1

Every third assault or damaging means towards the identical goal offers a further 30 magic injury (30+70% scaling with Ability Power). If Ekko’s goal is a champion, he positive aspects 40% Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds. This passive offers 150% injury to monsters. It additionally can’t have an effect on the identical goal for five seconds, after its first activation on that focus on.

Ability 1 – Timewinder


Ekko throws a temporal system, dealing 60 magic injury (60+30% scaling with Ability Power). On hitting a champion, or the gap restrict, it expands right into a discipline that slows enemies by 30%. Then the system returns to Ekko, dealing magic injury to enemies on the way in which again.

Ability 2 – Parallel Convergence

Ekko 2 ability icon

This means has two components.

  • Passive: Attacks towards low well being targets deal a further 3% lacking well being injury to them (3 + 2% scaling with Ability Power).
  • Active: Ekko launches a Chronosphere that lasts for 1.5 seconds, slowing enemies who step into it by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere, it detonates, beautiful enemies for two.25 seconds, and granting Ekko a protect that absorbs 70 injury (70 + 150% Ability Power) for 2 seconds.

Ability 3 – Phase Dive

Ekko 3 ability icon

Ekko dashes in a goal course. His subsequent assault inside 3 seconds positive aspects 250 vary and causes him to blink to his goal, dealing a further 60 magic injury (60+40% scaling with Ability Power) to them.

Ultimate – Chronobreak

Ekko 4 ability icon

Ekko turns into unforgettable and returns to his place 3.5 seconds in the past and heals for 100 well being (100 + 50% scaling with Ability Power), elevated by 3% per 1% of well being misplaced inside 3.5 seconds. Upon arrival to his place 3.5 seconds in the past, Ekko offers 150 magic injury (150 + 150% scaling with Ability Power) to close by enemies.

Skill-Up Methods for Ekko

Ekko’s ability level-up order is as follows:

  • 1st Ability (Timewinder): Level 1, 4, 6, 7.
  • 2nd Ability (Parallel Convergence): Level 3, 12, 14, 15.
  • third Ability (Phase Dive): Level 2, 8, 10, 11.
  • Ultimate Ability (Chronobreak): Level 5, 9, 13.

Best Rune Setups and Spells for Ekko in Wild Rift

He performed limitless trials with this new machine that he named the Zero Drive. Once, on his title day, his good friend group dared him to climb one of many highest clocktowers in Zaun. During this climb, one in all Ekko’s mates fell from the tower, and Ekko, with out losing a second, activated his Z-Drive. He actually shattered time, however nonetheless wasn’t capable of save his finest good friend. He tried once more, and once more, and after a number of makes an attempt, he was capable of save his finest good friend, and this left his group flabbergasted.

But, because of realizing Ekko’s secret, they turned a bit reckless. In this part of the Wild Rift information, we’re going to undergo her talents, finest builds, runes, and basic tricks to play Ekko. In the sport, Ekko is a mid-laner. Let’s check out what summoner spells and runes are finest for him in Wild Rift.

Rune Setup

Ekko will get nice outcomes with the next builds within the mid-lane.

Keystone Rune – Electrocute

Electrocute is the most effective Keystone rune for Ekko. His 1st Ability, together along with his third Ability and a fundamental assault, can simply proc Electrocute, each in 1v1s and in teamfights. Making positive to concentrate on 1 goal, ideally their least well being goal, is vital.


Triumph shines the brightest in teamfights. When your crew and the enemy crew are brawling, concentrate on the least well being goal, and all in them. Triumph will proc and deal further injury attributable to their low well being, whereas Electrocute will proc attributable to a number of assaults on the identical goal. Killing one enemy champion will heal you up, and you possibly can then end off any possible enemy champions close by.

Ekko Runes Wild Rift
Image by way of Riot Games

Nullifying Orb

Ekko, attributable to being an Assassin and a mage, is a bit squishy when it comes to survivability. Nullifying Orb helps to cut back the specter of you getting popped in a second. When you fall under 35% Health, you achieve a protect that absorbs 80 (80+ 30% scaling with Ability Power) injury for 4 seconds. This protect is on a 60-second cooldown.

Hunter Genius

Hunter Genius grants Ekko 3 Ability Haste proper at the beginning. Then, all through the match, when he helps to takedown a unique enemy champion, he positive aspects 2.5 Ability Haste. The most Ability Haste that may be gained this manner is 18 Ability Haste. This helps in decreasing Ekko’s means to cooldowns.

Summoner Spells


Very self-explanatory. Helps Ekko to chase down a fleeing goal, and additionally helps him to flee if issues get unhealthy.


Ignite applies Grievous Wounds to an enemy champion. In a teamfight, it’s all the time helpful to focus on the healer/shielding champion with igniting first, and if there isn’t a healer within the enemy crew, then it’s best to prioritize the one who has bought probably the most lifesteal/vamp.

Best Build for Ekko in League Of Legends: Wild Rift

In this part of the information, we’ll focus on the most effective construct for Ekko in League Of Legends: Wild Rift.

Ekko Build Wild Rift
Image by way of Riot Games
  • Luden’s Echo: It provides Ekko 300 Mana, 85 Ability Power, and 20 Ability Haste. Ekko’s talents can get a little bit costly within the early sport, so Luden’s Echo helps to alleviate that with the extra 300 Mana. The 20 Ability Haste additionally helps to cut back means cooldowns.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: Grants Ekko 120 Ability Power, and will increase his Ability Power by 40%. Coupled with Triumph, Deathcap is a wonderful merchandise to burst down enemy ADCs and decrease well being targets.
  • Lucidity Boots (Stasis Enchant): Again, the Lucidity Boots assist to cut back Ekko’s means to cooldowns, and the Stasis Enchant is helpful in near-death conditions after you’ve got used every thing in your arsenal. Also helps to purchase time in your crew to get to you and take down the enemy.
  • Lich Bane: Grants Ekko 80 Ability Power and 10 Ability Haste. Also offers Ekko with the Spellblade passive of the Sheen element, and offers bonus injury to enemies after each means solid. Bane additionally grants Ekko 5% Movement Speed.
  • Void Staff: The finest merchandise for Ekko towards tanks. Grants him 70 Ability Power and +45% Magic Penetration.
  • Morellonomicon: The finest Ability Power-based Grievous Wounds merchandise. Gives Ekko 300 Health and 70 Ability Power. The further well being grants some extra sturdiness to Ekko and may also help to remain in fights for a bit longer.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Ekko Gameplay Tips

Ekko is a bit weak in the course of the early ranges, however his late-game could be very highly effective with all of the objects he builds. In this part of our Wild Rift information, we’ll go over basic tricks to play Ekko all through the match.

Early Game

During the early sport, farming is essential. Due to objects being a bit costly, it is best to preserve a gold lead with a purpose to get your objects earlier than your opponent. Depending on the lane, you possibly can attempt to roam after degree 3 to different lanes, and search for ganking alternatives.

Early Gameplay Ekko Wild Rift
Image by way of Riot Games

Then, when you hit degree 5, look to roam and gank any of the die lanes for those who can. But, for those who suppose that the enemy is tough shoving the lane, you possibly can keep within the lane and attempt to get as a lot farm as doable, and then search for a teamfight on the first dragon battle.

Mid Game

In the mid-game, you’ve got just a few choices with Ekko. You can search for fights the place doable, or you possibly can look to take down tower plates throughout the map. Ekko is nice at pushing towers, and if a tower or two has only a single plate left, you possibly can push them in and get the tower gold in your crew.

Late Game

In the late sport, staying together with your crew or pushing lanes individually depends upon how forward your crew is. If your crew can deal with themselves 4v5, you possibly can attempt to break up, but when they’re even or behind, staying with them is the higher choice.

Late Gameplay Ekko Wild Rift
Image by way of Riot Games

This is as a result of teamfights are vital for Ekko as he can rapidly assassinate a goal and get out, making the 5v5 right into a 4v5. His injury at this level is big, and assassinating a squishy goal is less complicated with Ignite, the first means, and the third means.

Champions that counter Ekko Champions that Ekko counters
Zed Katarina
Akali Veigar
Orianna Corki

Final Thoughts

Ekko is a tremendous Assassin-Mage. When piloted accurately, he’s a menace to the enemies in each battle. Though it’s tough to learn to play him, as soon as mastered he’s a really harmful champion. With his package containing 2 slows and a stun, he has bought some respectable CC at his disposal, however it’s tough to land, so touchdown it’s that rather more rewarding. His final is actually him breaking a timeline, and returning to a extra favorable state in time, and the therapeutic it offers is very large within the late sport.

Flanking is a vital a part of ganking lanes and fights with Ekko. His 2nd means is his most vital means within the late sport, and getting a stun off on 2 or extra enemies ensures a kill when your crew follows up. Overall, he’s a really sturdy mid-laner and can turn into a mega carry within the fingers of a succesful participant.

That’s all for at this time’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Ekko Guide. Do you like to make use of/construct him in every other, completely different means? Let us know within the remark part under!

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