Where to locate Pinecones in Genshin Impact ?

locate Pinecones in Genshin Impact: Pinecones are a collectable ingredient materials discovered all throughout Teyvat in Genshin Impact. The merchandise is a element used to make quite a lot of merchandise, most notably a number of culinary objects reminiscent of these included in the Spices of the West occasion.

As a outcome, increase a Pinecone stockpile is a wonderful thought. Fortunately, there are a number of areas in Genshin Impact the place it’s possible you’ll get Pinecones.

The majority of the Pinecones you’ll discover in Genshin Impact are situated close to Mondstadt. If you’re on the lookout for pinecones, test under bushes the place they like to accumulate. While Pinecones might discover in different locations. Your finest probability is to use the map under to search these websites in Mondstadt.

locate Pinecones in Genshin Impact

Here’s a map exhibiting the place Pinecones could also be discovered in Genshin Impact:
Remember to search for bushes whereas looking out these areas. There is an effective provide of Pinecones there, and it’s possible you’ll collect a ton of them in a single day.

Pinecones may discover in sure sections of Liyue. If you continue to want Pinecones, the map under reveals areas in Liyue the place it’s possible you’ll get them:

In Genshin Impact, what are pinecones used for?
Pinecones are plentiful all through Teyvat’s universe, though they don’t serve many use in the sport.

While they’ve recently make the most of as elements in occasions like Spices of the West, you’ll largely be utilizing them as elements in the sport whereas getting ready delicacies.
The following recipes use pinecones as an ingredient:

Item Recipe
Mondstadt Hashbrown x2 Pinecone, x1 Potato, x1 Jam
Puppy-Paw Hashbrown x2 Pinecone, x1 Potato, x1 Jam
Sautéed Matsutake x3 Matsutake, x3 Flour, x2 Pinecone, x2 Butter


Otherwise, there aren’t many functions for pinecones in cooking. These meals objects, nevertheless, are nonetheless fairly important and can support you in exploring Genshin Impact and battling world monsters or finishing missions.

Stockpiling Pinecones is an effective choice if you’d like to construct a secure provide of those meals merchandise.

Remember that the majority of Pinecones are situated in Mondstadt, and that they aren’t price rising in Liyue or Inazuma. When you’ve run out of Pinecones, return in three days to the identical locations, the place all collectable objects in the sport ought to have reset.

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