Transformers: Earth Wars – 8 Tips, Hints and Strategies to Win Battles

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Transformers: Earth Wars might be criticized for being a clone of Clash of Clans, however that doesn’t take away from its easy but addictive gameplay. Thanks to CoC, base-building technique is now a style of its personal, and virtually each RTS title gives related gameplay mechanics.

While related to Earth Wars CoC, it options simplified gameplay, and extra emphasis has been positioned on the Transformers characters’ expertise and preventing model. Players can use their model and capability to infiltrate enemy bases and destroy them for loot. There are many characters to accumulate, together with “Special Class” characters. You can simply win fights as soon as you know the way to take advantage of every character’s expertise and preventing model. Follow these fast ideas, hints and methods to defeat opposing gamers and AI opponents:

1. Attack Strategies You Should Know

When you arrive at your opponent’s base, take the time to look at them earlier than deploying your squad. The battle timer doesn’t begin till a robotic is dropped onto the inexperienced touchdown zone, providing you with loads of time to look at your opponent’s base and spot loopholes in it. Don’t overlook to faucet every enemy turret, mortar and different defenses to know their vary. This will assist you to create a greater plan of assault and deploy your squad close to weaker areas of the enemy base.

An instant assault on HQ might be suicidal, as clusters of turrets and different defenses are often deployed round it. Look for areas full of non-defensive constructions and guarded by fewer defenses. If you discover one, set it up in a spot parallel to this space. Remember that every destroyed construction supplies power that can be utilized to summon particular skills. Destroying areas with fewer defensive constructions permits you to collect extra power, which you’ll later spend on key skills that can be utilized towards a bunch of autocannons and a mortar.

Tap in your chief and armored vanguards to drop them first, adopted by fliers and strikers who sometimes assault from afar. Use expertise on the proper second, not instantly. Save the very best expertise to destroy highly effective defenses.

If there’s a mortar positioned anyplace on the bottom, when your whole robots come inside its assault vary, goal it instantly. Usually, mortars are positioned removed from the touchdown zone, nearer to enemy headquarters. They can be protected by partitions. You can use Optimus Prime’s Inspiring Charge to accumulate Autobots and Target Mortars. The Mortar fires high-explosive missiles at lengthy vary, however can not hearth at robots in the event that they get too shut. You also can use the Warrior class robots’ Rush In capability to rush right into a mortar. When the mortar will get beneath his vary, faucet Rush In and then faucet the mortar. The robotic transforms right into a automobile, smashing by way of any partitions that stand between it and its goal, then attacking the mortar as quickly because it will get shut.

2. Build partitions parallel to your touchdown zone

Did you discover the touchdown zone in your base? Well, it doesn’t fully orbit your base. What you are able to do is shield your base by constructing partitions parallel to the touchdown zone in order that at the very least the entrance a part of your base that’s parallel to the touchdown zone is protected.

build walls

The enemy will often select any level on the inexperienced touchdown zone to deploy their items, so simply be sure to have walled the world between the touchdown zone and your base. You also can add an additional layer of defenses contained in the perimeter partitions to shield your HQ and long-range defenses just like the mortar.

3. Class Types of Transformers

There are 5 primary lessons in Transformers: Earth Wars:

Earth War Squad


A Warrior class character is an armored front-line fighter. It needs to be used first with particular class or chief characters. Warrior class characters have excessive well being and might be very helpful towards mortars and different lengthy vary defenses.

Air (Flyers):

Can be used to harm constructions at medium vary. Try to use them after utilizing warrior characters in order that airmen can help them. On the bottom, they’ve higher assault vary than warriors. An Air class character’s capability, Air Strike, fires 4 highly effective rockets at a goal constructing. Use this capability to destroy autocannons and mortars.


Because it may well shoot over partitions and has a protracted vary, the Archer can be utilized to destroy defenses which are close to partitions. Use a gunner class to goal such defensive constructions to weaken the enemy’s defenses. First strive to use the gunner to destroy turrets positioned close to partitions. Once it’s cleared the frontline defenses, deploy warriors to destroy the closest line of defenses. Next, use his incendiary hearth on a cluster of turrets positioned shut collectively. This capability permits you to launch rockets that may set a big space on hearth, and the flames will proceed to harm a bunch of towers. Alternatively, Gunners might be deployed final to allow them to help Warrior-class characters. However, gunners are weaker than aviators and warriors. Try to expend his expertise as rapidly as doable on a bunch of towers.

Special class:

Special Class characters have a secret capability that may be found when you’ve unlocked them. Also often known as leaders, they’ve greater well being than others. Once you’ve unlocked a particular class character, go to their profile to try their expertise and stats.


Can be used to heal characters. Try utilizing him with a bunch of characters and use his therapeutic capability on partially injured characters.

4. Use a robotic’s capability to destroy key defenses

Each Transformer has a novel capability, however it’s essential to understand how and when to use it:

A warrior’s rush-in capability might be very helpful towards long-range defensive constructions similar to mortars and autocannons. Tap a warrior’s capability, then faucet a long-range floor unit to have them cost into their goal and smash by way of any partitions that stand between them and their goal.

A gunner’s incendiary hearth needs to be used towards teams of defensive constructions positioned shut collectively. The Gunner’s AoE capability shoots missiles that set a big space on hearth and deal harm over time.

Airmen’s air assault skills can be utilized towards autocannons and mortars, however strive not to use them towards laser turrets and rocket launchers once they’re attacking air items. Laser turrets sometimes have a shorter vary and are simply destroyed by warriors.

5. Build extra harvesters to enhance manufacturing

As you retain leveling up your HQ, you’ll not solely unlock new buildings, but additionally extra buildings of the identical kind. You can simply verify which buildings will likely be unlocked after upgrading by tapping in your HQ. If an HQ improve unlocks extra Energon and Alloy Harvesters, degree it up and construct these Harvesters instantly. More harvesters will enhance manufacturing.

6. Get impressed by the winner’s primary design

Losing a PvP match might be heartbreaking. Medals are subtracted out of your whole medal rely and you obtain fewer assets. The solely vibrant spot is the opponent’s base design. You can get design concepts from the winner’s base structure. You may even take a screenshot of your opponent’s base design at the beginning of the sport and construct your base equally. Don’t strive to construct a base precisely like your opponent’s base. Try to be unique and inventive.

7. Use the analysis laboratory to enhance a personality’s expertise

The Research Laboratory can be utilized to enhance a personality’s particular capability and enhance their degree cap. In order to enhance a personality’s expertise, you want Spark. The free crystal you get each 8 hours might comprise sparks. To get extra sparks you want to struggle alliance wars and win a league.

To research

After you win a battle, your character positive aspects XP and as soon as the XP bar is full, he ranges up. Leveling up a personality will increase their energy. Once a personality has reached max degree, it’s time to enhance their degree cap by leveling them up by way of the Research Lab. Leveling up a personality drastically improves their well being and harm, and will increase their max degree by 10. After leveling up, your character can once more achieve XP and degree up to enhance efficiency.

8. How to get crystals

Crystals grant new robots, fight boosts, and sparks. There is multiple method to get crystals:
You want 450 Cyber ​​Coins to get a Premium Crystal. The probabilities of getting 2-star characters with premium crystals are better. Cyber ​​Coins might be earned by finishing achievements. You can see a pending achievement on the prime of the sport display. Save cyber cash for crystals. Don’t use them to velocity up builds/upgrades. The recreation permits you to velocity up the construct/improve when a construct timer reaches lower than 5:00.

Free Crystal: A free crystal can comprise Boost, Spark, or a 1-3 star character. You can declare a brand new free crystal each 8 hours.

2 Star Crystals: Guaranteed to give 2-star characters. You want 2-star shards to get a 2-star crystal. You can earn Shards by gaining a brand new “Player Rank”. In order to obtain a brand new participant rank, you want rank factors. Earn Rank Points by setting up/upgrading buildings and by researching characters within the Research Lab.

3 Star Crystals: Guaranteed 3-star characters. You want 2000 3-Star Shards to get a 3-Star Crystal.

4 Star Crystals: Guaranteed 4-star characters. You want 2500 4-Star Shards to get a 4-Star Crystal. You also can spend loyalty factors on particular crystals. Win alliance wars to earn loyalty factors. Join an alliance and then go to your alliance headquarters to struggle towards enemy alliances and win prizes.

You also can spend loyalty factors on particular crystals. Win alliance wars to earn loyalty factors. Join an alliance and then go to your alliance headquarters to struggle towards enemy alliances and win prizes.

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