Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for August 2022

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Level Infinite for Android, and iOS. Simulacra are the in-game weapon characters are historic heroes whose respective consciousness have been transferred into Artificial Intelligences which the participant can equip. Once a Simulacra has been unlocked, the participant can summon it, thereby outfitting the character. The character of the participant will then tackle the form, traits, and persona of that Simulacra. Fret not, we’ve got summarized all of the Simulacra from Tower of Fantasy in line with their strengths on this Tier List.

Simulacra and Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

As against the overall idea of having characters and weapons impartial, the sport has mixed the characters that are the Simulacra with their signature weapons, so technically you might be solely pulling for the weapons on the gacha banner.

The recreation additionally freely permits you to use any weapon on any character with none limitations. At this early stage of the sport, most of the sport content material might be cleared by even SR characters; the one cases the place you require highly effective characters are in Bygone Phantasm, Apex League, and Void Rifts as of now, and for these, it is best to consult with a tier record.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for August 2022

The tier record supplied right here relies on the general viability of a personality in the long term and the present meta as in comparison with different characters. The tiers are damaged down starting from S+ to B the place the S+ tier is very advisable for characters and the characters within the B tier just isn’t that good and there are different various choices to select from.

Tier Character  Weapon Associated Element
Overpowered (S+) Nemesis  Venus Volt
Strong (S) Samir Dual EM Stars Volt
Strong (S) Meryl Rosy Edge Ice
Strong (S) Tsubasa Icewind Arrow Ice
Strong (S) King Scythe of the Crow Flame
Good (A) Coco Ritter Absolute Zero Ice
Good (A) Crow Thunderblades Volt
Good (A) Shiro Chakram of the Seas Physical
Good (A) Zero Negating Cube Flame
Good (A) Huma Molten Shield V2 Flame
Good (A) Ene Pummeler Ice
Fair (B) Echo Thunderous Halberd Volt
Fair (B) Pepper Staff of Scars Volt
Weak (C) Hilda The Terminator Ice
Weak (C) Bai Ling Nightingale’s Feather Physical
Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for August 2022

Best Meta Simulacras for Tower of Fantasy in August 2022


Nemesis is the greatest assist for Volt groups as she not solely offers first rate therapeutic throughout the group but in addition has passive ranged DPS capabilities in her package, on high of this at base zero-constellation she’s going to give a 20% Volt harm buff that may be additional enhanced by unlocking extra constellations.

Image by way of Level Infinite

Overall, Nemesis is a chief character to decide on if you’re specializing in Volt groups and she or he synergizes with practically all Volt characters. Her downsides embrace being locked solely to Volt groups for most potential even when her package is so robust at larger ranges. Nemesis is a restricted banner character which implies she might be solely summoned through the use of Red Nucleus, which could be higher saved for an upcoming DPS as an alternative of a assist.


King is definitely one of one of the best DPS Shieldbreaker within the recreation in line with the present meta. His ingredient kind is Flame and has good AOE assaults in his package which might be fairly efficient on numerous varieties of enemies and managers. Once his constellations are obtained they empower him significantly, and at one star he can apply a strong DOT debuff, which makes him a chief character to have in your arsenal.

Image by way of Level Infinite

King may be very highly effective on his personal however to achieve that harm potential he must execute combos successfully; nonetheless, he’s vulnerable to combo interrupts, which is a DPS loss in rotations and requires a sure degree of expert gameplay.


Samir is a fast-attacking Volt-type DPS and is one of essentially the most agile characters within the recreation in phrases of battle motion. Her package consists of distinctive Aerial assaults and cost assaults that not solely present her with a window for fast dodges however even enable for place correction when wanted.

Image by way of Level Infinite

Samir’s fast-paced battle model additionally has a draw back in that she requires good motion management; in any other case, you may waste a couple of seconds throughout the fallacious combos. She does have ability for long-range assaults, however in most conditions, it’s not price it because the harm is sort of low and as an alternative you possibly can change to a different character. The smartest thing about her is that she is a succesful DPS at simply zero-star and may serve the attacking function effectively sufficient.


Meryl is sort of much like King, however as an alternative of being a DPS she is a Tank and her debuffs embrace freeze and stun. Her assaults are comparatively sluggish as in comparison with different characters, however her shields and crowd management capabilities greater than make-up for it. In the Apex League, Meryl is one of one of the best characters for difficult different gamers and in addition the worst enemy to face if you find yourself in opposition to her.

Image by way of Level Infinite

Her final offers her a strong protect and stuns the enemies, to not point out the motion velocity discount and an ice-like cage that may block them from leaving. Her regular ability additionally makes her ignore crowd management debuffs, which implies as soon as initiated it’s fairly arduous to cease the combo. Meryl not solely suffers from having a sluggish assault velocity, however even her expertise additionally take time to provoke, which makes her a bit clunky in group rotations.


Tsubasa is the one protected selection in the long term as a result of most of the characters within the present meta will get outclassed by new restricted characters as soon as they arrive however her package features a distinctive ability that has some makes use of in particular situations. She has a group buff skill that unlocks at one star and will increase significantly once more at six-star offering a 24% and 40% enhance respectively, this enhance may be very essential in some particular cases like in Bygone Phantasm and extra.

Image by way of Level Infinite

Aside from this she can also be a strong character and has AOE expertise that may deal a substantial quantity of harm. The solely draw back in her package is that sure circumstances should be met earlier than the group buff might be utilized and has weak regular assaults.

Coco Ritter

Coco is a healing-type assist character and initially can present first rate therapeutic however at base zero-constellation, that’s all she will do, at the moment, most of the characters within the recreation fill multiple function at a time, and for Coco to be solely only a healer is definitely not price a spot within the group rotations.

Image by way of Level Infinite

She additionally has harm improve buffs in her ability together with crowd management functionality however all of these and portion of her package’s scaling like vitality recharge and therapeutic improve is locked behind sure constellations, which for the typical participant is sort of arduous to acquire as of now. Her ingredient is Ice and she or he does have entry to the ability Ice Shell that every one Ice characters share which might freeze enemies. Overall she is an effective sufficient healer for the early recreation, however sooner or later will get overshadowed by higher healers.


Image by way of Level Infinite

Huma is primarily a Tank-type character and has a singular weapon that may change kinds at will from both Shield to Axe or Axe to Shield accompanied by chunk of AOE harm. Just like Samir, she can also be very viable at simply base zero-constellation; nonetheless, tank-exclusive expertise like Taunt aren’t very helpful in precise fight situations. Her constellations are very highly effective and may unlock a myriad of buffs and debuffs in her package. Overall, she is an effective character for use within the recreation when you’ve got her.


Image by way of Level Infinite

Crow is a Volt-type DPS and is much like Samir, however as an alternative of a Gun holds a Twin Sword and has a flashy playstyle. He also can break shields successfully with the correct maneuvers. His constellation can unlock some very highly effective stat boosts primarily based on HP%. Overall a fantastic character to put money into however is difficult to play effectively as he requires good mechanical expertise.


Image by way of Level Infinite

Shiro is primarily an AOE harm supplier and has some first rate crowd management that may pull enemies in a sure vary to be then shredded with assaults. At larger constellations, she will turn into excellent at coping with some conditions. She can also be a adequate protect breaker, however others can do a greater job than her at a better degree and her ability vary is a bit tough to execute. 


Zero is a larger healer and in phrases of therapeutic is near Coco. His package primarily focuses on his weapon, which must be gained over time as a way to enhance its effectiveness. He also can present first rate shields for himself and his group together with his Skill.

zero tower of fantasy
Image by way of Level Infinite

Zero is a good character for the long term as a result of with constellations he can unlock loads of highly effective talents like team-wide buffs and also can work as a sub-DPS that may compete with different DPS within the tier. At max constellations, he’s just about a one-person group, as he can fulfill all of the roles by himself.

Final Thoughts

The recreation was launched just some days again and the present meta is closely primarily based on the already working Chinese model of the sport the Global model has gotten some tweaks which have modified issues now and may achieve this down the road. So check your characters by yourself and attempt to type synergized groups.

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