Tower of Fantasy Frigg Guide: Best matrices, team comps and materials required for levelling

Frigg is the primary Sub-DPS kind restricted character to seem in Tower of Fantasy and she has a really highly effective ability, the Ice Resonance, that may buff Frost ATK and Resistance by an ideal margin, which makes her nice assist for upcoming and present Ice aspect characters. In this information, we’ll study extra about Frigg in Tower of Fantasy, her finest matrices, team compositions and the materials required for leveling her up.

Frigg’s strongest level is her capacity to infinitely dodge with out consuming stamina in her Frost Domain. She additionally has an assault combo to enrich that, which isn’t solely very quick however packs fairly a punch and offers quite a bit of harm. This distinctive ability can present a completely new method when coping with sure bosses and enemies. Learning about her talents on the earliest could present gamers with an edge for the reason that recreation has rankings related to rewards in almost all content material.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Guide: Character info

Frigg is a component of Heirs of Aida and can be the Commander of the Angels of Clemency, an elite squad created with essentially the most superior technological developments and organic modifications to additional their trigger.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Guide
Image by way of Level Infinite

Frigg was merely a standard lady at first, however throughout the Omnium Cataclysm, she was closely injured and the one strategy to save her life was to remodel her into one of the Angels of Clemency. She has been always attempting to uncover the reality behind the incident, which prompted her transformation and the Cataclysm.

Frigg in Tower of Fantasy: Weapon Information

Weapon Name: Balmung

frigg balmung
  • Resonance: DPS
  • Element: Ice
  • Shatter: 8.00
  • Charge: 8.00

Weapon Effect

Ice Shell

Fully charged weapons will freeze the goal for 2 seconds and go away it frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes extra harm equal to 151.00% of ATK. While frostbitten, the goal’s weapon cost fee is lowered by 50%.

Frost Resonance

Increase in frost ATK by 15% and frost resistance by 25%. It is activated by equipping 2 or extra frost weapons. This set’s impact additionally works with weapons within the off-hand slot. This impact doesn’t stack.s.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Guide: Playstyle and Skillsets

Name/Description Type
Neutral Attack Abilities
Normal Attack Attack x 5
The ability initiates 5 assaults in a row with Balmung when on the bottom. It offers harm equal to 62.1% of ATK + 3, inflicting minor knockback. The ability offers harm equal to 46.2% of ATK + 2 and causes minor knockback. The ability offers harm equal to 91.1% of ATK + 5 and causes minor knockback. It offers harm equal to 55.8% of ATK + 3 and causes minor knockback. Deals harm equals 218.4% of ATK + 11 and knocks down the goal.
Aerial Discharge Jump + Attack x 5
While airborne or after leaping as soon as, faucet regular assault to assault 5 instances in a row.Deal harm equal to 64.4% of ATK + 3.Deal harm equal to 72.6% of ATK + 4.Deal harm equal to 76.7% of ATK + 4.Deal harm equal to 107.9% of ATK + 6.Deal harm equal to 168.3% of ATK + 9.
Helix Slash Jump + Hold-Attack
Tap and maintain regular assault whereas airborne, or faucet regular assault whereas climbing, leaping backwards, or utilizing the Jetpack to set off Helix Slash. While falling, deal harm equal to 19.8% of ATK + 1 for every hit. Upon touchdown, deal harm equal to 185.7% of ATK + 10 to close by targets.
Soaring Slash Hold + Attack
While regular attacking, maintain regular assault to set off Soaring Slash. Lunges ahead with a horizontal swipe, launching the goal into the air earlier than hovering up with the goal. Deal a most of 134.3% of ATK + 7 harm.
Dodge Abilities
Dodge Dodge
Dodge proper earlier than getting hit to set off a Phantasia, lowering the pace of enemies inside an space. Become proof against hitstun for 0.5 seconds whereas dodging.
Multi-slash Dodge + Attack
Tap regular assault throughout the quick good assault window to set off Multi Slash. Unleash a number of slashes at a set distance in entrance of the consumer, dealing whole harm equal to 143.9% of ATK + 8.
Skill and Discharge
Fimbulwinter (Skill) Slash the area across the Wanderer, dealing whole harm equal to 577.5% of ATK + 30. Can droop and launch targets, and grant harm immunity whereas this ability is getting used. 30-second cooldown. After unleashing “Fimbulwinter” a big frost area might be shaped round you for 25 seconds. The quantity of dodges you possibly can carry out is not going to be deducted if you carry out the Balmung dodge inside the frost area. Grant “Domain of Frost I” when you find yourself within the frost area, enhance frost ATK by 15%, and shatter by 25% when utilizing a frost weapon.
Frigid Fracture (Discharge) When the weapon cost is full or Phantasia is triggered, clear all debuffs from the consumer and sprint ahead upon switching to this weapon, quickly controlling opponents in an space earlier than unleashing a huge slash. Deal harm equal to 618.2% of ATK + 33 and launch enemies into the air.

Frigg’s Simulacrum Awakening

Awakening Points Needed Unlocks
200 Avatar: Frigg
600 Log: Swords and Crossbows
1200 Simulacrum Trait: Frigg: Freeze
Increase frost ATK by 1.5% each 3 seconds upon coming into battle. Stack as much as 10 instances. Last for 5 seconds.
2000 Log: So-called Justice
3000 Log: Not a Demon After All
4000 Simulacrum Trait: Frigg: Freeze
Frost ATK is boosted by 2.4% each 3 seconds upon coming into fight. Stack as much as 10 instances. Lasts for 5 seconds. In addition, it positive factors a hyper physique and grow to be immune to regulate results within the Frost Domain.

Frigg’s Stars Levels

Star Level  Effect(s)
S1  The ability positive factors 1 frostiness level each time they deal 550% × Frost ATK of harm within the Frost Domain. Up to 10 factors may be amassed. When Frost Domain ends, frostiness factors × Frost ATK × 95% of blast harm might be dealt to all enemies within the Frost Domain. After leaving the Frost Domain loses 1 frostiness level each 3 seconds.
S2 Increase the present weapon’s base HP development by 16%.
S3 The most frostiness is elevated to fifteen factors. Unleashing discharge expertise with frost weapons within the Frost Domain will deal 25% × Frost ATK of harm to all targets within the Frost Domain (Gain +5 frostiness factors).
S4 Increase the present weapon’s base ATK development by 32%.
S5 Shattering shields utilizing frost weapons within the Frost Domain will freeze the goal for 2 seconds and trigger frostiness factors × Frost ATK × 35% of extra harm (if the goal can’t be frozen, double the extra harm dealt).
S6 When frostiness reaches 15 factors and you’re within the Frost Domain, you’re going to get an extra “Domain of Frost II” that will increase Frost ATK by 25% when frost weapons are used.

Frigg’s third Star Level Skin

Frigg’s 3rd Star Level Skin
Image by way of Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Level-up Guide

Frigg Materials Requirement for Weapon Leveling

The materials required for Frigg’s levelling and ascension all the best way to a max degree of 200. It is to be famous that presently, the worldwide variations’ degree cap is round 130, which is able to finally go up.

Weapon Level Leveling Materials 
Level: 10 2x Icecore, 400
Level: 20 2x Icecore, 800
Level: 30 3x Nano Coating, 3x Icecore, 1200
Level: 40 ×3 Booster body, ×3 Nano Coating, ×3 Icecore, 1600
Level: 50 ×4 Booster body, ×4 Nano Coating, ×4 Icecore, 2000
Level: 60 ×6 Booster body, ×6 Nano Coating, ×6 Icecore, 2400
Level: 70 ×8 Booster body, ×8 Nano Coating, ×4 Icecore, 2800
Level: 80 ×11 Booster body, ×11 Nano Coating, ×11 Icecore, 3200
Level: 90 ×5 Booster body II, ×5 Nano Coating II, ×5 Heart of Winter, 3600
Level: 100 ×6 Booster body II, ×6 Nano Coating II, ×6 Heart of Winter, 4000
Level: 110 ×8 Booster body II, ×8 Nano Coating II, ×8 Heart of Winter, 4400
Level: 120 ×11 Booster body II, ×11 Nano Coating II, ×11 Heart of Winter, 4800
Level: 130 ×15 Booster body II, ×15 Nano Coating II, x15 Heart of Winter, 5200

Frigg Gift Preference

Frigg will get extra factors when she receives items which have the next traits of Metalware, and Everyday Items.

Best Gifts for Frigg

  • Purple Gifts (+60)
  • Aida Comic
  • Banges Specialty
  • Angela Ornament
  • Music Box
  • Limited Peanut Figurine
  • Silver Cookware
  • Blue Gifts (+30)
  • Vitamin Pack
  • Tailor-Made Suit
  • Tool Set
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Strange Fragment

Best Matrices Build for Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

Support / SUB DPS Build

Frigg is a strong Hybrid-DPS character that may both be performed as a Full DPS or a Sub-DPS character. She is finest paired with one other Ice aspect character to activate the Ice Resonance, which is able to present an additional Frost Attack buff for each of them. She may present an honest Shatter even when she is a DPS-type character, this shatter harm isn’t corresponding to pure Tanks however is best than most of the DPS characters. 

Frigg Battle Tips

  • Frigg has excessive AOE potential on all her talents, and her Frost Domain covers an enormous space which makes her a strong ranged DPS, and together with her, it’s simpler to regulate the move of the battlefield. 
  • Frigg’s Infinite Dodge not solely makes evading enemy strikes simple but in addition removes the requirement for working a healer within the team, as they’ll merely go for a full harm team, with out worrying about dodges in anyway. Even Phantasia is far simpler to set off in her kind.
  • Frigg is immune to just about all kinds of Crowd Control within the recreation and additionally has an I-Frame in her Skill and Discharge, which you should utilize to evade highly effective enemy strikes effectively.

For the 4pc impact, the Frigg x 4 and Samir 4x are most likely one of the best matrix gamers can equip as of now, however it is strongly recommended to make use of a 2pc mixture for better utility.  

Frigg Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: The ability will increase frost ATK by 8%/10%/12%/15% for 10 seconds, when switching between frost weapons. This impact works within the background, and if a number of units are used, the best star set will take impact.
  • 4-piece Set: When unleashing a frost area with the weapon “Balmung”, enemies inside the frost area obtain frost harm equal to 55%/65%/75%/85% of frost ATK each second.

Huma Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: Hitting targets with dodge expertise inflicts bleed, dealing harm equal to 15%/19%/22.5%/26% of ATK each second for 5 seconds.
  • 4-piece Set: The ability reduces the ATK of all targets inside 8 meters which might be taking harm over time by 10%/12%/13%/15%. Only the best degree’s impact is utilized when obtained repeatedly.

Samir Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: It will increase harm progressively by 1% upon hitting a goal. The ability stacks as much as 10/13/16/20 instances. It lasts 1.5 seconds.
  • 4-piece Set: The ability will increase Dual EM Stars’ electrical explosion harm by 16%/22%/30%/40% of ATK.

Crow Matrix (SSR) 

  • 2-piece Set: Increase crit harm to targets with lower than 60% HP by 24%/30%/36%/42%.
  • 4-piece Set: Crits deal extra harm over time equal to 18%/22%/26%/30% of ATK each second for 5 seconds. It doesn’t stack.

Hybrid Matrices units

Aside from the 4pc Marix units, gamers may strive for Hybrid units of 2pc, since SSR matrices should not that simple to acquire presently. Most gamers wouldn’t have particular ones. Players can pair a quantity of matrices collectively to kind double 2pc results, like 2pc Huma + 2pc Frigg for buffing assaults, and the bleeding debuff on the similar time. The 2pc Samir / Crow + 2pc Frigg to deal extra harm on the sector. 

Tower of Fantasy Frigg Guide: Best team compositions

Hyper Ice Teams

In the present pool of characters, Meryl and Tsubasa are the one Ice characters within the SSR rarity, and since Frigg has the Ice resonance, which requires one other Ice character for activation, one of them or each have to pair with Frigg.

DPS Ice Team

  • Meryl + Frigg + Tsubasa 

This is a full offensive team geared for extra harm in much less time, the place Tsubasa can present a team-wide buff and Meryl can act because the Shieldbreaker and additionally deal harm in different characters’ downtime. Frigg can fill the position of the Sub-DPS, offering a helpful buff from Ice Resonance and the infinite Dodge capacity to keep away from harm. This is considerably of a dangerous team for the reason that hardest content material within the recreation has extended battles and one mistake can destroy that very simply, so it is strongly recommended to make use of such groups in Bygone Phantasm and in Solo content material.

Hybrid Ice Team

  • Meryl + Frigg + Coco

It is a a lot safer team as in contrast with the complete offensive team since Coco can heal the team at any time when required. This team ought to be your go-to -team for varied co-op content material, since having each a shield-breaker and healer will make it simpler for your co-op groups, devoted healer, and tank to work within the battle.

  • Tsubasa + Frigg + Coco

Another various team with Frigg being the principle DPS buffed by Tsubasa.

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