Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Wonder Weapons

Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Wonder Weapons:  The weapon included is a big and thrilling facet of each new Call of Duty Zombies map. 

While a handful will re-introduce in subsequent eventualities. The majority of these weapons are solely accessible on just one map to learn from their distinctive impact and energy. 

There is a listing of the highest 10 weapons in Call of Duty historical past.

Top Call of Duty: Zombies weapons

  • Wunderwaffe DG-2

The Wunderwaffe, usually often called”the “Wonder Waffle,” is the second surprise weapon made after The Ray Gun, showing in Shi No Numa and Der Riese. However, it was seen a pair of further instances throughout later maps.

The Wunderwaffe creates electrical power that travels from one goal to the following. Making it a well known weapon for taking down massive numbers of Zombies.

 Although it might deal limitless injury, it has a minimal ammo reserve and appreciable recoil. However, it might take down as much as ten enemies at a time.

  • Staff of Wind

The workers of Wind introduce in Origins at the start of The Primis collection’ story.

 Like the Thunder Gun, it shoots out the air in a means that knocks enemies off their backs for a time, permitting you to consider your subsequent transfer.

 And you can even make the looks of a twister. But its vary is decrease than that of the Thunder Gun, and the ammo provide isn’t as excessive, which suggests you should always search for the Max Ammo power-up if you end up caught with this weapon throughout later rounds.

  • RAI Okay-84

The RAI Okay-84 is a novel assault rifle that debuted inside Firebase Z. It has two firing choices which make it extremely efficient and environment friendly in slowing down zombie trains.

 The different hearth shoots tiny balls of power which trigger injury and slows any creatures that stroll via its space. As it swirls, you may intention at it utilizing your major flame to trigger the power ball to increase earlier than it explodes. 

The assault is extremely damaging, and the shockwave could be adequate to destroy any close by enemies.

  • Thunder gun

The Thundergun is among the many first marvel weapons featured quite a few instances all through the Zombies collection. It’s primarily a large cannon that may hearth to knock a large group of zombies on their backs (if it doesn’t kill them throughout it).

 It could be an efficient device to revive fallen crew members as a result of it might stun the enemies for a chronic interval. But, this isn’t a lot of an important weapon to combat with. 

It is important to maintain this weapon in case of want when you must swap to it rapidly and make use of it.

  • Ray Gun

Ray Gun Ray Gun is Call of Duty Zombies, essentially the most well-known weapon featured globally. 

It is loaded with ammunition with huge injury, however it does undergo substantial splash injury that might trigger the dying of your sport when you shoot enemies too shut. 

It all will depend on the sport you’re taking part in, and it might be a good selection. Ray Gun has had peaks and valleys as one of the highest weapons you would have in your arsenal and is ideal. Though broken weapon to maintain in your possession.


  • Wave Gun

It is the Wave Gun that seems on Moon and comes with two firing choices that make it distinct from different weapons on this checklist. 

In the start, it’s set with two weapons. But they are often joined in a flash with one urgent of the button to create another rifle. 

When in dual-wielding mode, the weapon can shoot projectiles that kill any zombies it strikes with one shot. 

Its rifle mode releases the purple beam, which may trigger zombies throughout the blast’s radius to carry into the air and explode. It is, in truth, a one-hit kill.

  • CRBR-S

The CRBR is the final word weapon of Mauer Der Toten. It is available in numerous designs and might change by grabbing mods dropped by enemies. 

The base mannequin is a regular power pistol. However, it additionally comes with floating balls that circle the display screen and might add further firing everytime you shoot. Mods embody a flaming beam, a shotgun unfold shot, a handgun with two explosives, and swirling photographs. 

Whichever mannequin your CRBR is in could cause so much of injury. The fixed mod switching will be certain that your ammo stash stays adequately stocked.

  • Storm Bow

The Storm Bow is one of the bows of the fundamental selection that function inside Der Eisendrache. The fast taking pictures of arrows will energize enemies after which chain them just like the Wunderwaffe.

 When the shot cost, it might unleash the ability of electrical energy that targets enemies whereas surprising them for an prolonged interval.

 The Wrath of the Ancients bow enhancements are evil, however this Storm Bow stands above all the opposite bows on the checklist as essentially the most highly effective.

  • Blundergat

The Blundergat is simply accessible to the Alcatraz Purgatory half of Mob of the Dead and Blood of the Dead. 

The shotgun with quadruple barrels places out huge injury when packed and is upgradeable with acid in magma or map rounds from Blood of the Dead. 

Both variants deal a large quantity of injury, and with the large ammo reservoir. You can hearth all day lengthy, destroying opponents. 

Make positive to have Speed Cola to make your firing faster.

  • Apothicon Servant

The Apothicon Servant is inside Shadows of Evil and Revelations. 

The Lovecraftian weapon shoots black holes that entice zombies and explodes in a way usually reserved for gear that meant and used for a single time.

 If you’ve obtained the Apothion Servant in your hand. It is an escape from jail card that you should utilize a number of instances earlier than utilizing a Max Ammo power-up.


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