Sellers page

Becoming a seller on is just a click away.
Selling has never been this easy,trust me.

Some features of

1) Selling is absolutely free!

2) No admin fees or commission after sales

3) Call to order process

4) Access to customised storefront
with a unique Url which directs
customers to storefront

5) A responsive general shop page which
displays all sellers products with sellers name
on the products which links to sellers store

6) Sellers setup their own Store policy.
(Shipping pilicy, refund policy, sotre T&C.)

7) AI (Artificial Inteligence) powered facebook
page which converts facebook fans to customers


Selling on takes three easy steps

1) Click the start selling button

2) Enter your store details and click register

3) Verify your email and wait for approval

Thats it! Upload your products free of charge and start selling
NOTE:Upload at least five products for a start.
Unclear product images wont be approved.


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