Vendor dashboard

Before we proceed, let’s get acquainted with the tabs on the vendor dashboard.

Important!: Click on the Three horizontal lines beside the logo to expand the menu.

1.Home Tab: The home menu has three sections, the product stat, the Inquiry section, Notification section and latest topic section.

Product stat: Displays the number of products published online, products that are pending approval by admin and the number of products yet to be saved by the vendor.

Inquiries: Displays inquires made by customers about your store.

Notification: Displays information/messages from the admin.

Latest topics: Displays sites latest topics or discussion.

2.Media Tab: Displays all the files uploaded by vendor.

3. Product Tab: Displays uploaded products and a link to add new products.

4. Settings Tab: Navigates you to the store set up page.

5. Review Tab: Displays customers reviews about your store.

6. Log out Tab: Logs you out of the platform.

Got it? Let’s proceed.