Store brand setting page

By clicking on the settings tab, you navigate to the store set up page. Important!: click on the 3 horizontal lines beside the logo to expand the tabs.

On successful registration, your store details automatically set up. Just add your store phone number and proceed. Don’t forget to click the save button

1. Adding store logo and banner: click on the store logo and store banner box to add logo and banner (you can use a product image as the store logo or banner if you don’t have a logo yet). Also chose if you want a static image or a video as the store banner type.

Store description setting

Shop Description: In few sentences craft out an enticing words to describe your store to your customers. Note!: Copy the description you will need it for Meta description.

The store visibility setup is not required.

Store location setting

2. Adding Store Location: Add your store address, city and state. If you don’t have a physical store just add the city and state.

Store shipping setting

3. Shipping Setting: Please disable shipping by clicking on the box beside the enable shipping. Note! All vendors handles their shipping/delivery process and not

Store S.E.O setting

The information provided here enables search engines like google to find and display your store information on google when searched for by users/ customers.

S.E.O Title: Enter your store name here

Meta Description: Enter your store description

Meta Keyword: Enter keywords related to your store category ( the one used as example is for a fashion store) make research to know the suitable keywords for your store.

Store policy setting

4. Store policy: Here you state conditions and rules customers should know before buying from your store.

Policy tab label: By default it displays on the sellers store as POLICY. Here you can change it to something else for example “OUR STORE POLICy”

Shipping Policy: Tell your customers how you deliver/, ship their products to them.

Refund Policy: Tell customers if you can refund their money after payment.

Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy: Tell customers if they n cancel, return or exchange their order.

Then click save button.

Customer support and store hours setting are not necessary and you can skip them.

After the setup, you can now upload new products.