Project Winter Mobile: The complete Crafting Guide and Tips

Project Winter Mobile is a free-to-play social deception sport the place survival is your main aim. The sport gives sure targets and is a multiplayer sport the place everyone seems to be labeled as a survivor. Besides finishing these targets and targets given to the survivors, there are different gameplays together with cooking meals, crafting objects on the workbench, and so forth. In this Crafting information, we can be discussing how one can craft objects in Project Winter Mobile.

Although these gameplays come beneath secondary duties and there isn’t any obligation to carry out these, nonetheless survivors can carry out them with a view to keep their starvation bar or to make a brand new weapon. Check our Project Winter Mobile novices information for a headstart.

Crafting in Project Winter Mobile

Crafting objects in Project Winter Mobile is comparatively simple and helpful. You can craft any merchandise as and once you really feel you would possibly want it. You can craft weapons on your security, objects for particular functions, and so on. There are a number of crafting objects that may be crafted utilizing completely different objects.

For instance: when you need to craft an axe, it is advisable to accumulate log (x1) and ore (x1). Different weapons and objects require completely different crafting supplies.

Project Winter Mobile Crafting
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For crafting objects, survivors want to gather supplies required for crafting sure objects and retailer them within the stock. After gathering the required set of things, they should head to the crafting workbench.

Complete checklist of things you’ll be able to Craft in Project Winter Mobile

To make issues simple, right here is the checklist of things and weapons that may be particularly crafted in Project Winter Mobile.


  • Axe: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Pickaxe: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Sickle: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Poisoned Crossbow: Crossbow ( x 1), Poison ( x 1)
  • Shotgun: Gunpart ( x 2)
  • Semi-Auto Rifle: Gunpart ( x 3)
  • Bolt Action Rifle: Gunpart ( x 2)


Project Winter Mobile Crafting
Image through Boltrend Games
  • Campfire Kit: Log ( x 2)
  • Electronic Part: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Mechanical Part: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Fuel: Berries ( x 2)
  • Bear Trap: Ore ( x 2)
  • Blue Radio: Mechanical Part ( x 2), Electronic Part ( x 2)
  • Yellow Radio: Mechanical Part ( x 2), Electronic Part ( x 2)
  • Landmine: Ore ( x 3), Mechanical Part ( x 1)
  • Tripwire: Log ( x 1), Ore ( x 1)
  • Smoke Bomb: Fuel ( x 1)
  • Flare: Fuel ( x 1), Electronic Part ( x 1)
  • Trap Disarm Kit: Electronic Part ( x 3)
  • Quick Disarm Kit: Log ( x 1), Mechanical Part ( x 1)
  • Inventory: Animal Fur ( x 3), Mechanical Part ( x 2)

How to Craft objects in Project Winter Mobile

By following these easy steps, it is possible for you to to craft objects in Project Winter Mobile.

  • Collect the specified quantity of supplies wanted to craft a selected merchandise
  • After gathering the required supplies, head for the cabin’s workbench
  • As you maintain to make use of the workbench contained in the cabin, you’re going to get to see a listing of things that may be crafted with completely different supplies.
  • Craft your required weapon or merchandise with the supplies that you’ve collected.

That’s all for all of the Crafting Tips and supplies in Project Winter Mobile. Happy Cooking within the wild!

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