Product upload documentation

Step 1: Click on the product tab to navigate to the product upload page. At the top right corner click on “Add New”

Step 2

Product Name: Entry the product name (eg. product sample).

Product Price: Then enter the product price. Note! Sale price is for discount price. To add discount for a product, enter the actual price first then enter the discount price on the sale price space.

Product Descriptions (Optional): Here you enter the products short and long descriptions to describe the products for customers to know exactly what they are buying its optional though necessary.

Step 3:

Upload product images: On the right side bar, click on the big image box to select product images. On the image upload window, select from images you have already uploaded or upload new image/file from your phone/computer storage. To add more images of the product, click on the small image box below the big one to add more images of the same product. Note! Upload clear images, screenshot images will be disapproved.

Product Category: Below the product Image select the product category and click on submit button to publish your products.

Important!: If your product is a downloadable file (eg. E-book, app/software) click on the Downloadable box at the top.

For questions click the whatsapp icon

Watch the video tutorial.