Pokémon Go Guide: How to obtain and use XL Candy

To stay on the highest of the sport in Pokémon Go, gamers want to degree up their Pokémon past the extent cap. However, the job is less complicated mentioned than finished as a result of for leveling up they want numerous XL Candy which is troublesome to discover within the sport. Since its launch, the builders laid down some floor guidelines for leveling up a Pokémon. For occasion, trainers had been ready to degree a Pokémon up to degree 40. This was modified in 2020 and since then, a Pokémon might be leveled up to 50 by feeding XL Candy to it.

Although they sound related, an XL Candy capabilities a bit in a different way than the Exp. Candy XL. They have totally different functionalities because the XL Candy is used for going past a degree cap for a particular Pokémon, whereas Exp. Candy XL can be utilized to give a boatload of expertise to any species.

XL Candy in Pokémon Go

XL Candy is a kind of foreign money in Pokémon Go. Each evolutionary household has its type of Candy. The XL Candy is totally different from common Candy as a result of it may be obtained solely after a Trainer has reached degree 31. The Candy is used to degree up a Pokémon past degree 40.

Pokemon Go Rare XL Candy
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There are two varieties of XL Candy:

  1. XL Candy: These can be utilized solely on a particular Pokémon. For instance, Amaura and its evolution will solely devour Amaura Candy for powering up. They can’t eat some other sort of Candy.
  2. XL Rare Candy: These are rainbow-colored XL Candy, and they’re versatile i.e. they modify their sort relying on the Pokémon that eats them. For instance: Feeding a Rare Candy XL to Aurorus will flip the Rare Candy XL into Amaura Candy XL. XL Rare Candy can be utilized solely on a degree 40 Pokémon.

How to use XL Candy in Pokémon Go

To use an XL Candy choose the Power-Up possibility to begin. If gamers need to use XL Candy to get to degree 50 instantly, they’ll want Stardust, a daily sweet (of that Pokémon species), and 296 XL candies per non-Shadow Pokémon. If elevating a Pokémon from degree 40 to degree 50, they’ll simply want Stardust and 296 XL Candies. Different Pokémon have totally different XL Candy necessities. A Redditor created a list for XL Candies required for taking a Pokémon to a specific degree.

Level XL Candy Stardust CP Multiplier
41 10 10k 0.7953
41.5 10 10k 0.7978
42 10 11k 0.8003
42.5 10 11k 0.8028
43 12 11k 0.8053
43.5 12 11k 0.8078
44 12 12k 0.8103
44.5 12 12k 0.8128
45 15 12k 0.8153
45.5 15 12k 0.8178
46 15 13k 0.8203
46.5 15 13k 0.8228
47 17 13k 0.8253
47.5 17 13k 0.8278
48 17 14k 0.8303
48.5 17 14k 0.8328
49 20 14k 0.8353
49.5 20 14k 0.8378
50 20 15k 0.8403
TOTAL 296 235k N/A
Info by way of Reddit

How to obtain and farm XL Candy in Pokémon Go

1. Catching Pokémon

If trainers are wanting to attain degree 41, then they may want to begin farming XL Candy. Although XL Candy is never discovered within the sport, there are some assured strategies to seize them. The quickest manner to get XL Candy is by catching Pokémon.

By catching a Pokémon, gamers will usually yield one to three items of Candy. If gamers want a particular sort of Candy, they’ll have to catch particular Pokémon. For instance, catching Bulbasaur or any of its evolutions will often give Bulbasaur Candy, which might be fed to the Bulbasaur household of Pokémon. Below are some vital issues to bear in mind whereas catching a Pokémon to get XL candies:

  • When catching a first-stage evolution Pokémon, it would have a assured drop of one XL Candy. The greater the CP Level, the extra assured the drop.
  • two-stage evolution Pokémon will drop two XL Candies as a substitute.
  • When catching Mythical Pokémon like Manaphy or Legendary Pokémon like Dialga, the assured drop is three XL Candies.
  • Catching a Raid Boss will assure one XL Candy.

2. Exchanging Candy

Another methodology of farming XL Candy is by buying and selling in common Candy. To do that, faucet the menu icon within the backside proper nook of a Pokemon’s standing web page, and choose Transfer. At the price of 100 common Candy, gamers will get one XL Candy. This is advisable for gamers who’ve an extreme quantity of standard Candy of their stock.

XL Candy Pokemon GO
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3. Transferring a Pokémon

Candy will also be obtained by transferring Pokémon. The greater the CP degree the upper the possibility of dropping XL Candy. For every switch of a Pokémon, there may be a minimum of one XL Candy.

4. Hatching Pokémon Eggs

Players can get extra Candy in accordance to the kind of Pokémon Egg. The probabilities of getting XL Candy are instantly proportional to the size of the Egg. 2km Eggs have a median of 1 XL Candy whereas 12km Egg has a median of 4.

5. Walking a Buddy Pokémon

Another cool and distinctive manner to get XL candies is by strolling with a Pokémon. The greater the CP, the extra probably the XL Candy drop as soon as a specific amount of distance has been walked. Usually, a 3km stroll offers one common Candy, however there’s a probability of getting an XL Candy too.

6. Trading a Pokémon

The final methodology is hard and it isn’t a assured one, however buying and selling a Pokémon may give one XL Candy to one of many merchants. In some uncommon cases, each trainers can obtain an XL Candy every. If gamers need an XL Candy by buying and selling, each want to be at degree 31. Before initiating a commerce, verify the space between the 2 Pokémon.

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