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Mystic Guardian is a JRPG type sport that permits you to discover dungeons, smash monsters and full quests for rewards and glory. Your journey takes place in a fantasy steampunk world that mixes machine and magic, stuffed with various characters, monsters and lethal enemies. There are 2 playable characters and every character has a totally completely different story. There are additionally hidden tales in every story and a number of endings.

The sport’s hack-and-slash fight system makes use of a singular combo means that permits gamers to make use of the assault and talent buttons to break enemies. It additionally has greater than 100 abilities, a wide range of weapons and armor. You will be taught numerous recipes that may show you how to craft consumables and different objects.

Mystic Guardian is simple to play and the useful tutorial at first of your quest will train you the fundamentals. But if you wish to know what works finest in opposition to a horde of monsters, combat bosses and make your character stronger, simply comply with these helpful ideas and methods:

1. Use combo abilities as an alternative of lively abilities to take out a gaggle of enemies

On your journey you’ll encounter numerous enemies. Monsters and guards will assault in droves. Using considered one of 4 lively abilities or the Attack + Combo (SP) key’s one of the simplest ways to take down a gaggle of attacking enemies. You need to faucet on the assault button and then on the “SP” button to make use of completely different combo abilities like:

When you press the assault button, the SP button is changed with a combo talent icon. Each combo means is recognized by a singular icon. Keep experimenting with completely different combo assaults, however if you wish to know what works finest, the 4th combo, ie “wide and continuous damage”, will show you how to take out many enemies.

Mystic Guardian

I might suggest utilizing combo abilities to assault regular enemies slightly than utilizing an lively talent because the latter has a cooldown. Also, an lively talent consumes SP (denoted by the blue meter within the top-left nook of the display screen) and as soon as it’s spent it takes a while to replenish until you employ an SP potion to replenish it refill them rapidly. This isn’t an issue with combo abilities, because the stamina gauge (consumed when utilizing combo abilities) fills up sooner than the SP gauge. However, you’ll be able to mix combo abilities + lively abilities to deal most harm when going through harder enemies.

2. Know your enemies

As you progress from one dungeon to a different you’ll face various kinds of enemies. How to defeat them:

Normal: These are those that often assault in teams and are simply knocked out with combo abilities (assault button + sp button).

Strong: Such enemies can have a “Guard” indicator beneath their HP gauge. You have to interrupt their guard with combo abilities. They may also use lively talents in order for you their guard gauge to lower sooner. You can simply kill them as soon as their guard is damaged.
Shoot: These are ranged enemies that assault from afar. They are weaker to melee assaults, so transfer your character near a ranged opponent and then assault them.

Boss: They often seem on the finish of the primary mission and are very highly effective. Such enemies have 3 power bars and possess completely different assault patterns. An accurate technique can be to keep away from getting hit by a boss (you’ll be able to flip round or run right into a nook to keep away from his assaults) and then hit him when he’s not attacking or within the least harmful place.

3. Avoid combating enemies in an explored dungeon

As you journey, you’ll come throughout dungeons that function an entry level to a number of dungeons. They often have a number of doorways that must be opened one after the opposite to be able to enter one other dungeon. After exploring a dungeon, you need to come again and choose a special door to enter an unexplored dungeon.

When you come back to the primary dungeon you will notice restored enemies. Fighting them can be a waste of time when you’ll be able to simply dodge them and go to the subsequent door. There’s no have to kill all enemies in an explored dungeon, as you’ll be able to flee or use “Dash” (consumes SP, so use correctly) to maneuver previous enemies. However, if there are too many monsters or guards and you discover it tough to maneuver previous them, you should use combo abilities to do away with them.

4. Use the assistance of your map to seek out your vacation spot

The mini-map is considered one of Mystic Guardian’s most helpful options. It reveals not solely your present place but additionally your vacation spot, making it simple for you to decide on the best path. You may also get entry to the Return Scroll (if you happen to collected it throughout your journey). The return scroll permits you to return to the world map, the place you’ll be able to choose beforehand explored areas. You can search them once more for loot and rewards. Use it if you get misplaced in a posh maze of dungeons. Just faucet on it to see an enlarged mini-map. Also, don’t overlook to faucet in your most important quest title to know your present quest (and any facet quests).

5. Make your character stronger by distributing factors to completely different abilities

Fight enemies and full quests to earn EXP and stage up. As you stage up, you achieve stat factors that you should use to enhance your character’s abilities – STR (power), VIT (vitality), DEX (dexterity), and INT (intelligence).

You can assign factors to a number of abilities. Allocating factors to STR will increase harm to enemies. If you need to enhance HP and armor, add factors to VIT. An enhance in stamina and essential hit probability is feasible by including factors to Dex, whereas a rise in combo assaults and essential harm is feasible by allocating factors to INT.

Additional ideas and hints

There are two sorts of treasure chests: common wood chests that may be damaged with 1-2 hits and steel chests that may be opened with a key. You can open a steel field with a silver key or a gold key. You can get a silver key from facet quests.

A golden key may be earned by finishing the primary quest. There can also be some probability of getting one after eliminating a big group of enemies. The probabilities of getting a uncommon merchandise are excessive if the chest is opened with a golden key. A treasure chest refills each 3 hours, so you’ll be able to come again and use one other silver/gold key to open it.

If you might be ill-prepared for a boss combat, your character is extra more likely to die earlier than the boss. However, you’ll be able to deliver him again to life by watching a brief video. Under Power Resurrection, faucet Watch Ad and watch a video if you wish to proceed combating the enemy.

Search for glowing stars in a dungeon and get nearer to be taught a brand new recipe. The recipe will likely be up to date beneath the Skill > Recipe part. Tap the recipe guide with an exclamation mark to be taught what supplies are required to craft a brand new merchandise. You can get supplies by eliminating a big group of enemies. Search for supplies in treasure chests and crates scattered all through the dungeon.

Go to the Blacksmith in “Iberk Village” to improve your weapons. You want sure supplies and gold to improve your outfitted weapon. You can get supplies by breaking common crates or crates.

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