Monster Raid: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Build a Strong Squad

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Monster Raid is a enjoyable orca monster combating recreation. The recreation has superb anime-like graphics and the animated monster battles are a deal with. I beloved the board game-like dungeon map that lets my character, a cute monster hunter, discover to uncover rewards, satchels, and crates scattered all through the map.

The battles happen in a separate area the place your crew of monsters fights in opposition to enemy creatures. There are additionally distinctive quests that grant particular rewards upon completion. With the assistance of the following pointers and methods, you’ll have the ability to acquire extra monsters and construct the most effective squad:

1. A circle beneath a monster reveals how stronger/weaker it’s than your chosen monster

As you battle enemy monsters, you might have observed a circle beneath every monster. The circle modifications shade from orange to inexperienced to purple relying on the monster chosen. Well, these circles point out whether or not the enemy monster is stronger (purple), weaker (inexperienced), or impartial (orange). So if a inexperienced circle seems beneath an enemy monster, it signifies that getting hit out of your monster will devour extra HP and it is going to be defeated quicker. If a purple circle seems, the monster is stronger than the monster you chose, and hitting your monster has a small influence on the enemy monster’s well being.

Monster Raid Guide

The circles beneath the monsters present the basic benefit/drawback over monsters in your crew. There are 5 parts and every monster has a distinctive component. A monster’s component could be stronger or weaker than one other monster’s component. The following sequence explains stronger/weaker parts:

Fire > Physical > Water > Fire

Light and darkish are robust in opposition to one another.

But you don’t want to memorize this desk, as a result of the sport already reveals who’s stronger than who by displaying circles beneath the monsters. All you’ve gotten to do is have a balanced squad made up of creatures belonging to 4 fundamental parts and a pleasant monster (ally) belonging to a gentle or darkish component.

2. How to get all monsters

There are many monsters prepared to be collected, educated and used in opposition to different monsters. Each monster has a star ranking. The larger the star ranking, the rarer its sort. There are a number of methods to acquire these cute however lethal critters:

From dungeon ranges:

Tap on the world map icon within the decrease proper nook of the sport display screen.

Next, faucet an island. It could possibly be a beforehand cleared island or a new island. You can replay beforehand cleared islands to get rewards, supplies, and monsters. However, understand that you’ve gotten to expend vitality each time you repeat a dungeon stage.

Map with dungeon levels

Tap the dungeon stage on this island. It will comprise three dungeons or phases. Now faucet on the tiny query mark that seems within the high left nook of every dungeon snippet. A brand new “Drop Info” window will seem on the display screen, displaying a checklist of monsters that you may drop.

Play this dungeon and discover the complete map. Move your character to each nook and cranny in quest of glowing elf mud that spawns at random places on the dungeon map. You can disguise a monster ball or a capsule that appears a bit just like the pokeball and comprises a monster.

You might not get the monsters talked about within the “Drop Info” in your first strive, so you might have to play the identical dungeon map over and over to get them. However, do not forget that every time you replay a dungeon, monsters grow to be tougher to defeat. So be sure to enchant them or mix them to make them extra highly effective.

From the capsule home:

The Capsule House options some cool methods to acquire monsters through a Lucky Draw system. There are 5 forms of attracts and every draw requires you to spend particular objects to acquire a random monster. The following information comprises details about every draw and how to acquire objects to get monsters from them:

honor draw:

You want honor factors (star icon) to draw the distinction pod. Usually provides frequent monsters. You earn honor factors by finishing dungeon-based quests.

Rare Draw:

Requires diamonds. You get no less than 4-star monsters with 10 attracts. The diamonds could be earned at no cost by finishing achievements or defeating a particular monster. Look for particular monster missions within the quest menu.

Coupon Draw:

Requires particular coupons. You can get them by accepting sure quests from characters within the Capsule House, Arena, Monster House, and different buildings. You also can get coupons by finishing quests that seem within the quest menu. Certain achievements comparable to Space Secured and Legendary Warrior additionally grant coupons. Go to the Achievements and Quests sections to search for duties and quests that grant gamers coupon rewards.

3. How to get supplies to enchant a monster

Enchanting a monster is one of the best ways to enhance its ATK and HP stats. But you want particular supplies to enchant them.

Each monster has a distinctive materials requirement. To be taught what materials a monster wants, go to the “Research Lab” and faucet the “Enchant” button.

Next, faucet a monster icon to fill the empty area. The required materials is displayed beneath the slot.

monster magic

Tapping the fabric slot reveals the place of the fabric. For instance: In the screenshot above, the “Powder of Life” could be present in jungle areas.

There is one other manner to discover supplies (and that is most likely the simplest manner to get them):

Go to the world map and faucet on a new or beforehand cleared island. Select a dungeon stage and faucet the little query mark within the high nook of a dungeon to get “Drop Info”. On the drop information display screen, scroll down to discover the checklist of supplies you might obtain from finishing the dungeon. These supplies are normally hidden in sparking elf mud that spawns randomly across the map. Move your character close to the glittering mud and it would dig mud to dig up a particular materials or monster.

Don’t fear in case you can’t discover any supplies on this dungeon in your first strive. You can play it once more to get them. Just be sure to discover each nook of the dungeon to search for that glowing mud. Use auto battle to velocity up the battle.

4. Check EXP obtained earlier than leveling up monsters in your crew

After a battle is over, monsters in your squad will achieve some EXP. Some might stage up as soon as their EXP gauge fills up, whereas others should have some expertise factors left earlier than they will improve. The excellent news is that you may stage up your monsters with Combine. All you want are some backup monsters that you simply don’t need to add to your foremost squad and some cash. While exploring an island, you’ll get many frequent one star monsters. These monsters can be utilized to stage up your foremost monster through the Combine menu.

Go to the analysis lab and faucet Combine. Select a monster you need to improve. Next, choose the monsters you don’t need in battle. You can select up to 5 monsters, however select those that give most XP. You can do that simply by tapping a monster icon and checking the EXP Gained part.

Usually, the extra stars a monster has, the upper EXP gained. If a 1-star monster provides 1000 EXP, a 2-star monster provides 2000 EXP, and so on. Don’t use 3 or 4 star ones until they’re duplicates or not desired in your roster.

5. Choose your chief correctly

Before the sport begins, you’ll be able to select a starter or a chief monster. There can be six several types of monsters and every monster can have distinctive skills. Choose a chief with balanced ATK, Speed, and HP stats. You also can select a monster whose “Type” is “Allround”. Also, faucet a talent icon within the Skills part to see which monster has higher expertise.

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