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Once you’ve purchased the home in space 1 and employed a helper, you’ll discover the realm 2 entry level on the highest proper facet of your own home. Keep strolling previous the entry level till you discover the orange arrow. Move close to the orange arrow to enter Area 2. You will then discover a big bridge connecting space 1 to space 2, cross the bridge to get to the forest home.

Complete resolution for space 2

Area 2’s map is smaller than space 1, as is the development degree. Reach 30 p.c progress and you should purchase the home on this space with cash and sources. With a map this small, you would possibly suppose that transferring ahead might be simple, however it’s not as simple because it appears. If you’re caught at 25% progress, discover the answer to achieve 30% progress on this Mini Mini Farm Area 2 walkthrough:

The guidelines are the identical. Here is a abstract:

1. Buy all semi-transparent objects in an space.

2. Unlock new areas in the identical space. There is a lock icon above these areas.

Check out our mini mini farm walkthrough for an in depth information to all of the areas in Area 1 and tricks to progress shortly.

The very first thing it is best to do is purchase every thing in Area 2: Forest House, together with the clear objects. Buy semi-transparent copper, the rock, the ranch and the orange tree. Once you unlock the ranch, don’t neglect to purchase the hen and cow to extend progress.

Area 2: Forest House in Mini Mini Farm

Next, strategy the Orange Tree. You will see a tree blocking a hidden path. Chop down the tree.

The tree blocking the way.  It's near the orange tree in area 2.
The tree blocks entry to a brand new location in Area 2: Forest House.

After reducing down the tree, go to this location. It has an artifact constructing, a discipline that grows blueberries, and a translucent rock. Buy the clear stone.

Now return to the forest home in space one and examine your progress close to the signal close to the home. It will present 25 p.c progress.

Watch our video information beneath:

Area 2: Riverside

To get 30 p.c progress you should discover Riverside, a secret location someplace close to Area 2. Here’s easy methods to discover it. You may watch our video walkthrough beneath to seek out out this secret space:

1. From the Forest House space, go to the massive bridge that connects space 1 to space 2 (go down). If you bear in mind, the primary time you crossed this bridge to entry the forest home space was while you opened space 2 after shopping for the home in space 1 with cash and supplies. Cross the bridge and switch left as proven within the screenshot beneath.


2. You will discover a hidden path between the timber on the left facet of the bridge. The secret path is close to the river. Keep taking place the hidden path till you come throughout a blue flower. In Mini Mini Farm, a blue flower signifies a secret location close by.

Follow the blue flower to access the hidden area - Riverside.

3. Follow the blue flower and transfer up till you discover a small damaged bridge with a lock icon above it. We have already unlocked this bridge as proven within the picture beneath:

The Riverside area.

4. Go close to the lock icon and use 1500 cash to open this secret location. Next, purchase one of many translucent objects on this location – both the Silver Tree or the Apple Tree. You obtain 33% progress.

Note: Area 2: Riverside has two crops, an apple tree, silver, and a discipline that grows crimson grapes.

You can purchase the forest home now. Don’t neglect to activate the portal in Area 2: Riverside so you may shortly journey freely between completely different areas in Area 1 and Area 2. Use the portal to quick journey to the forest home.

Reach 30 percent progress after unlocking Riverside and then you can buy the house.
Buy the forest home in space 2. Make a be aware of all of the objects required to finish the acquisition.

To purchase/construct a home in Area 2: Forest House you will have:

x250 wooden

x170 bricks

x90 wool

x60 Copper

x30 silver

x27000 cash

Compare the villager rewards in areas 1 and 2

Once you unlock space 2, you can find a gold mailbox on the location of the forest home. Go close to the mailbox to get a brand new batch of Villager Requests. You could discover recognized sources within the necessities listing in space 1, however there are requests for sources which can be solely obtainable in space 2. These are gold, eggs, cheese, pears and grapes.

For the recognized sources, comparable to stones, carrots, tomatoes, wooden, copper, strawberries, blueberries, and many others., at all times do a reward comparability between requests in space 1 and requests in space 2. Check which villager requests convey in additional prizes in these two areas.

Open the non-public farm

The non-public farm is completely different from different areas on the Area 2 map. Here’s easy methods to discover it:

In Area 2: Forest House, go to the Orange Tree. (purchase it for those who haven’t already). Chop down the tree reverse the orange tree to entry the hidden path. (If you could have already executed this, proceed to the following step.)

The chest lass/artifact building area

Walk down the slim path on the base of the orange tree till you attain the blue artifact constructing/chest.

Now flip proper and transfer as much as discover the non-public farm. There shall be a portal close to the fence. Activate it as quickly as potential.

Open the private farm

You can not enter the farm until you could have seen an in-game video commercial. Move your character nearer to the gate and press the sure button to observe a video.

After you end watching the video, you solely have 30 seconds to gather sources in non-public. You can acquire these sources – gold, pears, grapes, silver and cheese from the cow.

The private farm contains rare resources.

Collect all of the sources as quick as potential earlier than the gate closes and also you get kicked out of the non-public farm.

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