Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide and Tips

Kurukshetra: Ascension is a informal card sport developed by Studio Sirah an Indie Indian studio with massive ambitions. Their objectives are to pump extra Indian-style or fantasy-inspired video video games into the primary gaming Industry and Kurukshetra: Ascension is the start of that journey. The sport relies utterly on Indian mythology with legendary characters reminiscent of Bheema, Duryodhana, and Arjuna all making appearances. The sport nevertheless for brand spanking new gamers may very well be somewhat advanced to grasp, thus this Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide goals to simplify these ideas for them.

Gameplay Overview

The sport as said earlier than has many references to Indian mythology therefore the sport has many characters straight from mythology for gamers to pick out. From the very starting of the sport, gamers get an possibility to decide on the hero, with whom they wish to proceed their journey. Players are supplied to select from 5 potential characters particularly, Arjuna, Duryodhana, Bheem, Surpankha, and Bhishma.

Introducing the Basics of Kurukshetra: Ascension

Kurukshetra Ascension follows the trail of the favored card sport entry Hearthstone. In Kurukshetra Ascension gamers are outfitted with a boss card, which will depend on the storyline. You may be Bheem, Bhishma, Arjuna, and many others relying on the story you select, together with the boss playing cards you get completely different soldier playing cards and particular energy playing cards.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image by way of Studio Sirah

The soldier playing cards embody the archers, the soldiers, and spear throwers. Each of those playing cards has its personal professionals and cons and can be utilized otherwise on the battlefield. There isn’t any particular technique to play any of those playing cards, they’re meant to be performed in accordance with how the battle pans out to be. You additionally get to play some particular energy playing cards these may very well be by way of battle tools like fireplace arrows, and supernatural powers in your boss playing cards.

Understanding the sport modes

Kurukshetra Ascension provides three sport modes as of now, The story mode, The informal PvP mode, and The ranked PvP mode. The story mode provides completely different locations the place the sport takes place, it begins from Hastinapur and progresses ahead.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image by way of Studio Sirah

Each vacation spot provides a number of 1v1 AI-controlled battles. In the primary chapter Hastinapur, you get a duel between Bheema and Duryodhana, Bhishma and Dronacharya, and Arjuna vs Karna. The PvP mode provides informal and ranked matches, towards real-time opponents the problem of matches right here is way more than in story mode and provides thrilling matchups.

Utilizing Soma is the important thing

Soma is a Vedic historic drink ready from herbs for Gods. In the sport, Soma is required for drawing your playing cards and making your transfer within the battle. Many a time, you may need the proper card in your maintain however due to lack of Soma received’t be capable of draw it on the battlefield.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image by way of Studio Sirah

Hence utilizing and conserving Soma for the proper second is extraordinarily vital for Kurukshetra Ascension. As you’ll progress additional within the sport you’ll begin drawing higher playing cards in your arsenal which would require extra Soma.

Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The Kurukshetra Ascension as said earlier than is an Indian mythology-based card sport therefore provides a number of choices with regards to the character playing cards and the right way to play them. This Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide goals to simplify issues for you.

1. Redraw a deck of Cards for 4 Soma factors when required

If you aren’t glad with the deck of playing cards you may have in your arsenal you possibly can truly draw and reshuffle your playing cards in hand. This, nevertheless, comes at an expense of 4 Soma factors, the reshuffle is obtainable at no cost with out using any Soma at first however as soon as the sport begins it’s then out there for 4 factors after 3 Successful strikes within the sport.

2. Soma factors can’t be conserved through the match

Soma factors have for use in the identical spherical when you finish the flip the Soma factors can be reset and you’ll begin from a contemporary web page. You can’t carry the Soma factors from one spherical to a different, therefore it’s best suggested to make use of all of the Soma factors earlier than you finish your flip within the spherical.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image by way of Studio Sirah

Soma factors will also be used to reshuffle your playing cards, therefore if you’re not glad with the playing cards in your arms you possibly can select a brand new pack from the deck as effectively.

3. Only 7 Cards may be held in a single time

In the sport, you might be solely allowed to maintain 7 playing cards in battle. Hence if you’re already holding 6 playing cards and select to attract a contemporary pair of playing cards once more from the deck, you’ll lose 1 card out of your choose, will probably be discarded and you can be at a loss. Only draw playing cards when you possibly can see that it is possible for you to to accommodate all 7 of them in your slots, in any other case, you’ll find yourself losing your Soma factors.

4. Melee items can shield the Ranged items and your Hero card

Melee items within the sport are important for achievement as they’re the frontline warriors their assaults are essential to breaking the primary line of enemies’ protection however they’re essential for sustaining a line of defense in your items as effectively. The melee items when positioned in entrance of your hero, counter assaults the enemies’ melee assaults, thus defending your hero card and the archer playing cards.

5. Ranged items can get a free kill on Melee items

Whenever the melee unit’s well being ranking is lesser than the well being ranking of the ranged unit it creates a window of alternative for the ranged items to get a free kill on the melee unit. Free kill over right here implies that the ranged unit received’t get any counter injury on their well being ranking for attacking the melee items.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image by way of Studio Sirah

This is actually a cheat code for the time when the battle will get heated and you might be operating low on Soma factors. All it’s worthwhile to do is to maintain a tab on the alternative melee unit’s well being ranking and assault together with your ranged unit when the time is correct.

Final Thoughts

The sport, Kurukshetra Ascension portrays the essence of Indian mythology brilliantly, not many video games have tried to the touch this aspect of gaming, the cardboard sport nevertheless is somewhat bit advanced for brand spanking new gamers to settle in, the in-game intricacies make it a tough sport to play, at first gamers may battle however the sport slowly grows on and as soon as it does it may result in a joyful expertise, this Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide goals to assist the brand new gamers in settling to the sport’s rhythm.

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