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Kingdom Hearts: Union X is an motion role-playing recreation for cellular gadgets by Square Enix. The recreation incorporates a distinctive fight system that permits gamers to make use of medals to assault enemies. Players will even get pleasure from benefiting from particular gesture-based controls to battle villains.

The occasions on this recreation happen earlier than the traditional Keyblade War. Using your distinctive weapon, you have to overcome the darkness, and the one manner to do this is by defeating Heartless and different enemies. You will even encounter a number of huge bosses sometimes and have the chance to rescue characters from the Disney universe.

Union X is simple to play, however for those who’re on the lookout for supplies to improve your Keyblade, want bonus Lux and Attack Prizes, and take advantage of Special Attacks or Avatar Coins, observe the following pointers, hints, and methods:

1. You don’t must assault each enemy on a stage map

You will come throughout completely different enemies, however you don’t must battle each one in all them, particularly if the enemy is stronger than your character. You won’t assault an enemy until you faucet them. You can simply keep away from it by not tapping it and taking a unique route. In one stage, I may simply get previous just a few “Heartless” by transferring my character round them. I didn’t faucet them, I simply tapped the empty area I wished my character to maneuver to.

Kingdom Hearts Union X

If there may be area round enemies, strive tapping on these areas, or simply faucet and maintain on empty areas to maneuver your character previous enemies. However, in some instances there might be no area round enemies and you’ll have to battle them.

Beware of enemy ambushes. Usually a treasure chest is guarded by a Heartless or another enemy, and you possibly can attempt to keep away from it by transferring round an enemy and then opening the chest, however generally enemies will seem out of nowhere and have a bonus on the primary assault. You may have no alternative however to battle them.

Keep following the “Target” marker and attempt to transfer in empty areas to keep away from confronting enemies. However, you possibly can select to battle each enemy you see for those who’re in dire want of “Attack Prizes” that can fill the Special Attack meter or Lux that can stage you up. Most of the enemies you defeat will drop these two key gadgets.

2. Fight weaker enemies to get bonus assault prizes and lux

While avoiding stronger enemies is one of the best ways to protect your HP, battling weaker enemies is a surefire method to earn further Lux and Attack prizes. And it’s best to do that if the enemy’s attribute is weaker than yours.

Fight enemies

There are three important forms of attributes – magic (blue), energy (pink), and velocity (inexperienced). Magic is stronger than would possibly. Power is stronger than velocity and velocity is stronger than magic. An attribute icon will seem above every enemy. Look for enemies with glowing icons. Such enemies often have weaker attributes than your hero and may be simply defeated in battle. Defeat weaker enemies earlier than their flip for added assault prizes and Lux.

3. Sparkling Pixie Dusts disguise supplies that may improve your Keyblade

You want sure supplies to improve your Keyblade – your weapon. Boosting your Keyblade provides your medal slots a stat increase. Go to Menu > Gear and press the Keyblade LV Up button. A tiny display screen will seem, displaying supplies wanted to improve your weapon. The Boosts button might be greyed out in case you are lacking the ‘Required’ supplies.

To get supplies, search for glowing pixie dusts scattered throughout a stage map. Move your character close to them to amass them. Fairy Dust hides random supplies, so maintain unlocking them as you uncover them. Enemies can guard pixie mud, however you possibly can nonetheless get them with out heartlessly combating. Read tip #1 on tips on how to keep away from enemies in Kingdom Hearts: Union X.

4. Use medals that don’t have STR and DEF to stage up key medals which have slots

Upgrading medals will increase key attributes like STR and DEF. Each time a medal is upgraded, its STR, DEF, and value enhance. An upgraded medal can deal extra injury to opponents, particularly mini-bosses on the finish of a stage. Try upgrading an outfitted medal with a backup medal belonging to the identical attribute to get an XP increase. For instance: If your medal has the Magic attribute, strive including medals with the Magic attribute to empty slots.

A Donald Duck medal in Kingdom Hearts Union X

Do not use medals with STR DEF attributes. Using common medals that don’t have these stats will provide you with an XP increase. The Dewey Medal is an instance of a medal. You can get such medals in most ranges.

5. How do particular assaults work?

Special assaults deal extra injury to enemies than regular assaults. Each medal has its personal distinctive particular assault. Go to Gear and faucet a medal to see what distinctive assault it inflicts on enemies and what number of meters it takes to activate it.

Launch a special attack

A medal’s particular assault is activated when the required particular assault gauges are reached. The particular assault gauge or gauge may be seen within the prime left nook of the display screen. The gauge fills up as your character collects assault prizes from every enemy killed. Just regulate the quantity subsequent to the particular assault meter as you play. Beforehand, bear in mind or write down the variety of gauges required for every medal. When the quantity subsequent to the indicator corresponds to the required indicator variety of a medal, drag and drop the glowing medal onto your enemy.

For instance, one in all your medals is KH II King Mickey and the required particular assault gauge is 3. When the quantity subsequent to the particular assault gauge within the prime left nook of the display screen reaches 3, your particular assault might be activated. The medal shines. You simply have to tug the medal and drop it in your enemies to unleash a particular assault.

6. Use particular assaults properly

Do not use particular assaults on widespread enemies. Use it in opposition to difficult-to-defeat villains and mini-bosses. Allow the gauge to refill fully. As you get nearer to your goal, attempt to deplete all of the particular assaults in order that the mini-boss is defeated earlier than it’s his flip. This permits you to full one in all your goals, which grants rewards for defeating the goal enemy inside one flip.

Don’t neglect to improve your medals and put them on slots that give attribute boosts to energy up their particular assaults.

7. Use avatar cash to unlock essential avatar board nodes

You can earn Avatar Coins (AC) by finishing story stage and particular stage goals. Three objectives are listed underneath Goals. At least one in all these three goals will award Avatar Coins upon completion. Complete goals like defeating a goal enemy inside a flip, utilizing particular assaults, defeating a sure variety of enemies, and so forth. to realize them.

ACs can then be used to unlock Avatar board nodes. Tap Menu > Avatar Board and faucet a board to view its nodes. Don’t faucet those that want gems. Next, faucet a node and then faucet Unlock. Make certain you might have the required Avatar Coins to unlock it.

8. Don’t waste avatar cash on accent nodes

Don’t waste your treasured Avatar Coins unlocking equipment. Typically, accent nodes are situated on the finish of the board. Use ACs to unlock nodes that enhance AP cap (AP is like “Energy”. You have to spend some AP to start out taking part in a stage), Keyblade value capability and max HP.

Use Avatar Coins to unlock nodes

You can use any unlocked avatar board to start out unlocking nodes. Just as a result of your avatar is male doesn’t imply you possibly can’t see and unlock the nodes of a feminine avatar board.

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