Identity V x Bungo Stray Dogs crossover returns with exciting events and rewards

The second Crossover between “Identity V,” the wildly common thriller anime from NetEase Games, and the primary one-on-four asymmetrical multiplayer sport, “Bungo Stray Dogs,” begins. This time, the customer is a Port Mafia member, and a unprecedented energy storm is raging in a mysterious manor. Players will face quite a few dilemmas and difficulties at nighttime whereas conducting missions of inquiry!

The Port Mafia is current at Manor within the Identity V x Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover

The Port Mafia, who management the fictional metropolis of Yokohama, proceed to discover a mysterious manor on the orders of their chief. In the useless of night time, the 5 people—Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Chuya Nakahara, Motojirou Kajii, Hirotsu Ryuro, and Ichiyo Higuchi—search the Oletus Manor!

“Identity V” and “Bungo Stray Dogs” will intrepidly full their second crossover from February 2 to March 1, 2023. Seer S Costume – Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Acrobat A Costume – Motojirou Kajii, Magician A Costume – Hirotsu Ryuro, and Coordinator A Costume – Ichiyo Higuchi are all a part of the traditional crossover lineup, alongside with distinctive crossover equipment, portrait, and graffiti. In the in the meantime, the crossover bundle, which accommodates the Chuya Nakahara Prospector S costume and the Red Wine Prospector S accent, might be on sale.

Additionally, as a celebration of this second crossover, finishing “The visitor of the night” will earn gamers superb rewards. It consists of Crossover Essence and Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s cell phone from the Seer’s B Accessory. The crossover occasion “‘Shock’ of Rashomon” permits for the improve of the B Accessory to the S or A tier.

Identity V Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover
Image by way of NetEase

For a short interval, objects from the primary crossover between “Identity V” and “Bungo Stray Dogs” might be out there once more. A bundle from the primary crossover containing the “Prisoner”-Osamu Dazai S” outfit and a crossover accent The “Prisoner” S attachment, Atsushi Nakajima’s Mercenary S costume, and Tiger Tail’s Mercenary B accent will all be returning to the market and are solely out there via Echo.

The Painter A fancy dress, Ranpo Edogawa, the Painter A accent, spectacles, in addition to the crossover portrait and graffiti are all out there via e mail to detectives who didn’t purchase crossover costumes within the first crossover. At the identical time, the primary crossover occasion will return.

All the characters in Identity V x Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover occasion

1. Akutagawa Ryunosuke

Identity V Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover
Image by way of NetEase

Akutagawa Ryunosuke is a Port Mafia member. He can management a black monster that arises from his black cloak due to his explicit expertise, “Rashomon.” By changing the beast into swords and fangs, he might slash via his adversaries.

2. Chuya Nakahara

Chuya Nakahara
Image by way of NetEase

One of the 5 executives of the Port Mafia is Chuya Nakahara. He is a talented and swift Taijutsu practitioner (a classical martial artwork kind). He can change the gravitational vectors of something he touches due to his explicit expertise, “Upon the Tainted Sorrow.

3. Motojiro Kajii

Identity V Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover
Image by way of NetEase

An explosives specialist on the needed record, Motojiro Kajii is a member of the Port Mafia. He makes every of his bombs within the type of a lemon by hand.

4. Hirotsu Ryuro

Hirotsu Ryuro has been a member of the Port Mafia for the reason that earlier era. He is the chief of the Black Lizard martial arts group. He has a particular energy referred to as “Falling Camellia,” which permits something he touches to be violently flicked away.

Identity V Bungo Stray Dogs Second Crossover
Image by way of NetEase

5. Ichiyo Higuchi

Ichiyo Higuchi is a member of a commando crew that’s straight supervised by the chief and is permitted to name within the martial arts group Black Lizard. She is clever and engaging, and steadily employs weapons within the battle. If a Coordinator wears the A fancy dress, Ichiyo Higuchi reliably defends teammates from sign gun assaults.

Ichiyo Higuchi
Image by way of NetEase

The Stray Dogs are as soon as once more wanting right into a mysterious mansion, and many well-known characters and issues have returned to fire up a storm of the supernatural! In the second crossover occasion between “Identity V” and “Bungo Stray Dogs,” be part of the Port Mafia in a chase via the night time.

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