How to Win at Disney Magical Dice: Tips, Hints and Strategies

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Dice is a good cellular board recreation by Netmarble. The recreation jogs my memory of Monopoly, however there are just a few twists and turns that make it extra gratifying to play. Instead of play figures, there are animated characters sporting costumes of widespread Disney characters resembling Chip ‘n’ Dale, Captain Hook, Sheriff Woody, Minnie Mouse, Maleficent and many extra. Costumes supply sure perks that may assist improve the chances of successful. Then there’s a nifty cube meter that allows you to management the rolls of the cube.

The recreation has a observe mode that can enable you to higher perceive the foundations. Once you find out how to play the sport, you possibly can play towards a random human opponent. Whether you’ve performed Monopoly or not, you must play this recreation. The ideas, hints and methods under will enable you to win video games and earn rewards:

1. Make the a lot of the cube counter

Like any board recreation, Disney’s Magical Dice depends in your cube roll, however the excellent news is that you’ve got some management over your cube thanks to a nifty “dice knife”. Now it’s of venture so there’s a 50/50 probability of getting the quantity you need, however there’s no hurt in making an attempt.

Disney magic cubes

The cube management show is split into 4 sections.

  • First part 2~3
  • Second Section 4~6
  • Third part 7~9
  • Fourth part 10~12

The odds of getting your required roll of the cube improve relying on the place the counter lands. If it lands on the primary part, the probabilities of rolling a 2 or 3 are increased. If the counter falls on the second part, the probabilities of getting 4, 5 or 6 are increased, though there isn’t any assure of getting these numbers.

Simply press the “Roll” button and launch when the meter lands on the part you need. If you press and launch the roll button when the meter is on the final part, i.e. 10 to 12, the probabilities of rolling a excessive quantity are increased. Use the cube counter if you need to hit a “double” or land on the following 2-3 squares or 10-12 squares away out of your present sq.. You get a double if each cube present the identical quantity.

2. Concentrate on proudly owning two squares of the identical colour to obtain colour completions sooner

Color Completion is likely one of the greatest and quickest methods to win a match towards an opponent. You obtain a colour completion by proudly owning all squares that belong to the identical colour and in case you get 3 colour completions you win the match and get double rewards.


If you get a darkish inexperienced and gentle inexperienced colour full by proudly owning all of the darkish inexperienced and gentle inexperienced squares, and then a sky blue colour full by proudly owning all of the sky blue squares on the sport board, you win the sport.

color finish

If you obtain a colour completion, the service charges double, which implies that your opponent could have to pay double the service charges if he/she lands in your colour completion squares.

If you need to win the sport this manner, attempt to personal two squares of the identical colour. This will enable you to get 3 colour finishes sooner. Here’s an inventory of squares you possibly can personal for a fast three-color ending win:

  • Light Green Squares (Pluto’s House and Dog Park)
  • Sky Blue Squares (Treehouse and Acorn)
  • Dark Blue Squares (Pete’s Diner and Pete’s Garage)
  • Pink Squares (Daisy House and Flower Shop)
  • Orange Squares (Bow-Tique and Minnie’s home)
  • Red Squares (Cinema and Mickey’s House)

Using Odd and Even will increase the chances of touchdown on the above squares. You should buy the Odd/Even Boost for 500 cash earlier than beginning a recreation.

Winning by way of colour completion earns you double the gold and leaderboard factors.

3. Acquire the squares which can be a part of your opponent’s colour completion technique

Don’t simply purchase random squares owned by your opponent. The preliminary charges value twice the development charge, which may be fairly costly, particularly in case you’re on a good finances.

Acquire the squares that pose a risk to contribute to your opponent’s colour completion purpose. Example: If your opponent has purchased two darkish inexperienced squares like Goofy’s House and Goofy’s Farm, you possibly can stop him/her from getting a colour completion by shopping for Fishin’ Hole or buying one of many two squares talked about above.

4. How to get costume playing cards

Costume playing cards play a key position in growing your probabilities of getting double rolls, successful arcade mini-games, and rolling the quantity you need.

You can get a dressing up card by way of the cardboard draw within the “Item Shop”. There is a free draw that may award a CA class card. But the probabilities of getting C or B playing cards are better.

You may get Costume Cards by enjoying “Practice” ranges. The probabilities of getting costume playing cards and different rewards are increased in case you earn 2-3 stars in a stage. Complete all targets in a stage to get three stars.

Play the sport day by day to obtain Costume Card Packs by way of the Daily Check-in Bonus. The screenshot under reveals what day a participant will obtain packs of their mailbox.

Check-in Bonuses

The inexperienced costume card pack incorporates 10 CB playing cards, whereas a purple 10 card pack often incorporates AB playing cards. Save widespread playing cards to improve the stats of your important card.

5. Turn on a card to improve your probabilities of successful

An A-class card has higher stats than a C or B-class card, however B-class playing cards’ stats may be improved in case you flip them on. To activate a card, faucet the down arrow at the highest of the house display, then faucet Costume Cards, then choose Turn On. Select a card to enhance, then choose up to 5 materials playing cards. You can faucet the Auto Select button and then choose the map class. The AI ​​solely selects the playing cards that belong to the chosen class. Try to decide C class playing cards as your materials playing cards as you’ll get a lot of them by way of free attracts and observe ranges.

Turn on a card

Choosing duplicate playing cards to enhance your important card will guarantee a greater stat enhance than selecting different playing cards. So when you have a category A woody card outfitted, attempt utilizing double class C or B woody playing cards to enhance your class A card.

Turning on a card will increase sure stats. There are 7 stats and a horizontal bar subsequent to every stat reveals what the chances are of attaining it. So if the statistic subsequent to the development charge is over 50 %, you’ll get additional reductions on development charges. If the bar subsequent to the escape is greater than 50, the probabilities of getting duplicate rolls for escape are better.

card description

The screenshot above reveals costume card stats and their description, i.e. how they profit you in a match:

6. Compare two costume card stats earlier than selecting one

So you have got two completely different “A” class costume playing cards and don’t know which card to select? The excellent news is that the sport helps you to examine the stats of two playing cards. It additionally reveals you whether or not the chosen card has higher stats or not.

To examine playing cards, go to the “Costume Cards” part by way of the menu and faucet on a card to equip. The recreation will show a stats comparability display between your outfitted card and your chosen card.

Costume Card Comparison Screen

You can see the stats comparability display above. The chosen card has a row of purple down arrows and one blue up arrow. The up arrow subsequent to the arcade win stats signifies that the chosen card has a greater probability of successful an arcade minigame than the outfitted card.

Additional ideas and hints

1. When you land on City Festival, you possibly can maintain a pageant on a sq. that you simply already personal. The internet hosting place has an elevated service charge. When selecting a spot for a pageant, stick to the sport’s advice. A sq. retains blinking and glowing, urging you to host a pageant there. This area is probably going to subtract extra service charge out of your opponent’s complete cash than others.

organize a town festival

2. Use quick journey (Fast Trolley, and so forth.) correctly. When you land on this area you possibly can choose the sphere of your alternative. Use it to obtain colour completion. Example: If you owned a pink sq., say Daisy’s home, all you have got to do is faucet on Flower Shop and the Fast Trolley will teleport you to that sq..

3. Owning a magic sq. (squares ending in “garden” are all magic squares) has some nice benefits. If you owned Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Garden and Minnie’s Garden, the service charge will increase every time a participant (you or your opponent) lands on it. So in case you or your opponent land on both of the above two squares, the service charge is 80 on the primary go to, 160 on the second, and 320 on the third.

4. Owning blue and white backyard squares (Pete’s Garden, Daisy’s Garden, and Goofy’s Garden) gives extra advantages. If you personal 1 of the above 3 magic squares the service charge is 80, in case you personal 2 the service charge is 160 and in case you personal all 3 squares the service charge is 320.

5. At the start of the sport you’ll discover 2-3 random squares with a x2 image. Buying these squares doubles the service charge when your opponent lands on it. Normally the service charges are doubled if you obtain a swimsuit completion, however with this perk you will get double the service charge out of your opponent just by proudly owning squares with the “x2” image.

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