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10tons Spellspire enables you to solid a “spell” on enemies by forming phrases from letters on a rack. It’s an action-packed Scrabble-inspired recreation stuffed with monsters, magic spells and a cute Harry Potter look-alike. Your wizard could be geared up with lethal wands, fashionable robes, and fancy hats that may additionally injury monsters. The longer the phrases you create, the more practical the spells change into. But forming phrases will not be simple as boss monsters shortly launch an assault. You should spell phrases earlier than the timer runs out. Each monster has its personal timer and whereas some take longer to assault, others will injury your mage pretty shortly. You can create longer phrases, unlock higher gear, and defeat enemies sooner with these fast ideas, hints, and cheats:

1. Use a phrase solver to seek for longer phrases

The longer the phrase, the stronger your spell shall be in opposition to enemies. However, it isn’t simple to type longer phrases at the tip of the extent, particularly in opposition to mini-bosses. Most boss monsters have a sooner assault time than frequent enemies and thus utilizing a phrase solver is likely one of the finest methods to get longer phrases and defeat them. Here’s how you should utilize a phrase solver to obtain this:

When the battle begins, shortly press the sleep/wake button and the house button at the identical time to report the display and press the pause button within the high proper nook of the display. The timer will activate when your caster will get shut to the primary enemy. You should take a screenshot and press the pause button earlier than he approaches his first enemy.

magic spike

Now press the house button twice to decrease the sport. Go to Photos to view the screenshot. Keeping the screenshot open, memorize/write down the letters on the shelf on a bit of paper.

Open your browser and go to wordsolver.web. Enter the letters within the empty discipline and press the Go button.

Use Word Solver to cheat at Spellspire

The on-line phrase solver returns a listing of phrases, beginning with the longest phrase and ending with two-letter phrases. Ignore the two letter phrases. The minimal variety of letters on this recreation is 3.

Next, write down all or just a few longer phrases. Write them down on a bit of paper or sort these phrases in your notepad. You can even jot down three-letter phrases that may deal further injury to enemies. There are sure equipment like robes or hats that grant such injury will increase. For instance, equipping the Weathered Hat will be sure that 3-letter phrases do double the injury on enemies.


Double-press the house button to view open apps and faucet the sport to maximize it. Press the “Continue” button and begin spelling 3 or 4 letter phrases that the Wordsolver returned. Don’t spell longer phrases to assault frequent enemies. Once a phrase is created, it can’t be spelled once more in that degree. So save longer phrases for boss monsters or hard-to-defeat enemies that will seem in entrance of boss monsters.


I don’t encourage dishonest. Instead of utilizing phrase solvers, attempt to clear up the phrase puzzles your self. Using such instruments spoils the enjoyable.

2. Know your enemies

When you faucet on a degree, a window will seem exhibiting the following wave of enemies. Knowing who’s coming subsequent will provide help to devise a magic plan for monsters. After checking the enemy lineup, attempt to unlock and buy the Monsterpedia, which could be obtained by replaying earlier ranges (I received it by replaying Tower Level 1).

Monsterpedia supplies key details about every monster you’ve defeated. And since you’ll face the identical monsters in later ranges, this e-book shall be very helpful to know their weak point and resistance to sure wands.

fight enemies

Next, observe the phrase solver cheat, write down phrases and type them in accordance to the enemy lineup. This manner you may simply defeat them. Save longer phrases for the final monster.

3. Upgrade Wand, Robe and Hat

Wands, robes, and hats have distinctive properties that provide help to defeat enemies. Upgrading wands will increase general injury executed to enemies, whereas upgrading robes and hats present varied fight advantages similar to elevated well being, timer delays, and bonus injury for 3 or 4 letter phrases, and so forth.

Before trying a degree, attempt upgrading your geared up wand, gown, and hat with the cash obtained from reward chests and tower ranges. If you don’t have sufficient cash, replay earlier ranges to earn them. Replaying earlier ranges may also earn you stars, which you should utilize to unlock gear slots.

4. Save Coins for Better Wand/Hat – Replay Levels

You can even save cash to purchase higher gear in your wizard. You get a variety of cash from the reward chest that opens each 8 hours. The increased the tower tier you’re in, the higher gear (and extra cash) you’re going to get from the chest, which affords 3 reward choices. Choose one among them. You can even replay earlier ranges to earn cash. Once you could have the mandatory cash, you should purchase a wand, a brand new hat, or a brand new gown.

5. Log in to Facebook to defeat monsters sooner

Besides getting 100 cash while you first log in, it’s also possible to defeat monsters sooner by logging in to Facebook. After logging into Facebook, monsters could have much less well being when you and your folks are enjoying on the identical tower degree. You’ll additionally get higher day by day chests you probably have a variety of mates enjoying Spellspire.

6. Use plural varieties and the suffix “ed”.

If the jumbled letter rack accommodates the letters “S,” “E,” and “D,” attempt making plural phrases or including a suffix to a phrase. This manner you may type two phrases from the identical letters. So if the rack accommodates letters like Ok, L, I, L, S, you may type two phrases – KILL and KILLS – to assault enemies.

7. Repeat ranges, get stars and unlock new hats, power-ups and wands

You have to unlock slots by reaching sure ranges and utilizing stars that may be collected by enjoying beforehand accomplished ranges. Go to Shop to learn how many stars are required or what degree you want to attain to unlock a slot. Unlocked slots comprise new gear that may be bought with cash.

Wands belong to sure parts that may be weaker or stronger in opposition to enemies. Before shopping for a wand, verify its aspect image and the injury it might probably inflict on enemies. Read Monsterpedia to study what aspect an enemy belongs to and what their weak point/resistance to parts is.

8. Look for anagrams

Look for anagrams when forming phrases. For instance MADE anagrams of DAME.

There are a number of others, similar to MAGE and GAME. This permits you to create two phrases from the identical set of letters. You can even learn tip #1 and use a phrase solver to get extra anagrams.

9. Start constructing phrases with out wanting at the timer

Don’t look at the timer whereas making phrases. They could be distracting and make you extra anxious, inflicting a delay in spelling longer phrases. You may even begin forming a phrase to assault monsters earlier than the timer kicks in. When the sport begins, the timer is not going to activate till your magician will get shut to a monster. When he will get close to him, shortly type a 3-letter phrase to deal him some injury.

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