Honkai Star Rail Himeko – relics, attacks, and more

Alright crew, it’s time to introduce yourselves to Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko. This fiery redhead is the full bundle – a brilliant clever scientist, an adventurous trailblazer, and a formidable power on the battlefield.

If Honkai Star Rail’s Welt is the dad of the Astral Express, Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko is undoubtedly the mother. Whether she’s providing you recommendation from the cabin, or preventing by your aspect and setting your enemies ablaze, she’s a continuing, unstoppable power, and somebody you positively need in your aspect. with this construct information, you’ll know precisely how you can deal with her proper – from giving her the most effective gentle cone and relics, to getting aware of her OP assaults.

If you need to get aware of the remainder of the Astral Express household, try our Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng and Honkai Star Rail March seventh guides. We’ve additionally bought a Honkai Star Rail characters information, and a Honkai Star Rail tier listing, that will help you in your subsequent journey into the celebs.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko?

Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko is an adventurous scientist, at all times longing for her subsequent trailblazing expedition. She encountered the Astral Express when she was only a baby, after it was stranded in her dwelling world. With time, she managed to restore the prepare, and lastly started her journey into the celebs, assembly many new companions alongside the best way.

Himeko is a five-star fireplace character, who treads the trail of the Erudition. Her English voice actor is Cia Court, and her Japanese voice actor is Tanaka Rie.

What’s the most effective Honkai Star Rail Himeko construct?

Himeko is a strong harm vendor, able to taking down massive teams of enemies together with her potent AoE and blast assaults, and her sturdy burn DoT. Her fireplace harm is the actual star of the present right here, and utilizing her approach to provoke battles pushes it even additional, making her an actual fiery power to be reckoned with.

We suggest constructing her with loads of fireplace harm enhance and assault stats wherever attainable. She works effectively with different fireplace characters akin to Honkai Star Rail’s Asta and Honkai Star Rail’s Hook, as initiating battles together with her approach will increase the fireplace harm taken by enemies, and pairing her up with a buffer like Asta helps improve her already excessive assault.

Which gentle cone ought to I take advantage of for Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko?

The five-star gentle cone Night on the Milky Way is tailor-made to Himeko’s package, rising her assault based mostly on what number of enemies are on the battlefield and whether or not they’re inflicted with break. However, because it’s a five-star gentle cone solely obtainable by gacha pulls, you want a strike of luck to get it.

If you’re searching for one thing to fill the slot within the meantime, be happy to go together with any gentle cone that will increase Himeko’s assault – simply be sure you decide one which’s aligned with the trail of the Erudition so as to activate its talent.

Light cone Effect How to acquire
Night on the Milky Way Increases Himeko’s assault by 8% for each enemy on the battlefield, as much as 5 occasions. Also will increase Himeko’s harm by 24% for one flip when an enemy is inflicted with break Gacha

Which relics ought to I take advantage of for Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko?

As most of Himeko’s affect hinges on her fireplace harm, we suggest the Firesmith of Lava Forge relic set. When it involves sub-stats, purpose for more fireplace harm and assault above all else, then pace and power recharge enhance.

Relic Effect How to acquire
Firesmith of Lava Forge Two geared up: will increase fireplace harm by 12%
Four geared up: will increase Himeko’s talent harm by 20%. Also will increase her fireplace harm by 12% for the subsequent assault after her final
Five geared up: will increase fireplace harm by 12%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Blazing Fire in Jarilo-VI’s Rivet Town

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko’s assaults?


Skill Effect
Basic assault: Sawblade Tuning (single assault) Deal 60% of Himeko’s assault as fireplace harm to a goal enemy
Skill: Molten Detonation (blast) Deal 110% of Himeko’s assault as fireplace harm to a goal enemy and 44% of Himeko’s assault as fireplace harm to adjoining enemies
Ultimate: Heavenly Fire (AoE) Deal 140% of Himeko’s assault as fireplace harm to all enemies. Himeko restores an extra ten power for every enemy she defeats


Skill Effect
Talent: Victory Rush If an enemy’s weak point is damaged, Himeko positive aspects a stack of cost (full cost is three stacks). When Himeko is absolutely charged after an ally assaults, she offers 82% of her assault as fireplace harm to all enemies and consumes all cost stacks. She positive aspects one stack of cost at first of battle


Skill Effect
Incomplete Combustion (impair)  After utilizing her approach, a satellite tv for pc beam creates a burning zone that lasts 15 seconds. Upon getting into battle in a burning zone, there’s a 100% base likelihood to extend fireplace harm taken by goal enemies by 10% for 2 turns

What are Himeko’s eidolons?

In Honkai Star Rail, eidolons are much like Genshin Impact’s eidolons. They’re distinctive buffs and upgrades that you would be able to unlock whenever you pull more than one copy of a personality. Here are all of Himeko’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – Childhood After Himeko triggers ‘Victory Rush’, her pace will increase by 30% for 2 turns
Level two – Convergence Deal 15% more harm to enemies under or equal to 50%
Level three – Poised Increases the extent of Himeko’s final by three, to a most of degree 15, and the extent of her fundamental assault by one, as much as a most of degree ten
Level 4 – Dedication When her talent breaks an enemy’s weak point, Himeko positive aspects one extra stack of cost
Level 5 – Aspiration Increases the extent of Himeko’s talent by three, to a most of degree 15, and the extent of her fundamental assault by one, as much as a most of degree ten
Level six – Trailblaze Himeko’s final offers harm two extra occasions, every to a random enemy, each occasions dealing 50% of the unique harm

That’s all we’ve bought on Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko for now. We’ll be sure you replace this information after we’ve bought more information, particularly after we get the complete construct with the Honkai Star Rail launch date. In the meantime, head over to our listing of the most effective video games like Genshin Impact to set out on a contemporary journey immediately.

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