Honkai Star Rail Herta relics, attacks, and more

Aboard the Herta Space Station in Honkai Star Rail, Herta is the actual prime canine. She might seem as an cute puppet in a cute little gown, however this sharp-tongued, ice hammer wielder is in actual fact a prime member of the Genius Society, and is thought to have the best IQ in The Blue. Plus, she’s a ferocious fighter.

If you need the neatest gal within the massive blue in your workforce, you’re in the appropriate place. Our Honkai Star Rail Herta information not solely takes a have a look at who she is, but additionally her finest construct, gentle cones, and relics, in addition to all of her eidolons. Of course, we’re nonetheless exploring the Honkai Star Rail beta for the time being, however we’ll you’ll want to replace these suggestions if any higher gear comes out.

To get aware of the remainder of the faces you meet in your trailblazing journey, take a look at our checklist of Honkai Star Rail characters and Honkai Star Rail tier checklist. We additionally produce other construct guides identical to this, together with Honkai Star Rail’s Dan Heng, Honkai Star Rail’s March seventh, and Honkai Star Rail’s Natasha.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Herta?

Honkai Star Rail’s Herta is called the human with the best IQ in The Blue, and the Herta Space Station’s true grasp. She’s quantity 83 of the Genius Society, and solely does what she’s excited by – dropping whichever venture she’s engaged on as quickly as one thing new comes alongside. She usually seems within the type of a ranged puppet, which is about 70% much like how she seemed as a toddler.

Herta’s English voice actor is PJ Mattson, who you might recognise as Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft, and her Japanese voice actor is Yamazaki Haruka, who has voiced many characters in an enormous vary of anime. She wields a hammer and has management over the ingredient of ice, and her path is ‘The Erudition’.

What’s one of the best Honkai Star Rail Herta construct?

As the Honkai Star Rail beta hasn’t lengthy been dwell, we’re nonetheless getting aware of one of the best Honkai Star Rail Herta construct. However, we consider she makes for a powerful DPS with some nice freeze utility, and as such, you must concentrate on constructing her ice injury enhance, assault, and follow-up injury.

Which gentle cone ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Herta?

As above, we’re nonetheless exploring the beta, so our choose for one of the best Honkai Star Rail Herta gentle cone might change. But for now, we predict the next is a powerful choose.

Keep in thoughts, when selecting a lightweight cone, you must go along with one which has the identical path because the character equipping it to be able to activate its talent. So, for Herta, you must persist with gentle cones that align with ‘The Erudition’ path.

Light cone Effect How to acquire
The Birth of the Self Increases injury dealt by Herta’s follow-up assaults. If the present HP of the goal enemy is beneath 50% of Herta’s max HP, injury dealt by observe up assaults will increase additional Gacha

Which relics ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Herta?

Like her gentle cone, we’re nonetheless understanding one of the best Honkai Star Rail Herta relics, however the next is one of the best set we’ve come throughout to date. When it comes to statistical data and sub-stats for every relic, we consider you must concentrate on assault and ice injury enhance above all.

Relic Effect How to acquire
Guard of Wuthering Snow Two geared up: will increase ice injury by 12%
Four geared up: will increase the wearer’s assault by 15%, and injury dealt to frozen enemies by 20%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Herta’s assaults?


Skill Effect
Basic assault: What Are You Looking At? (single assault) Deal ice injury equal to Herta’s assault to a goal enemy
Skill: One-Time Offer (AoE assault) Deal 55% of Herta’s assault as ice injury to all enemies. If a goal’s HP is 50% or increased, injury dealt to this goal will increase by 20%
Ultimate: It’s Magic. I Added Some Magic (AoE assault) Deal ice injury equal to 120% of Herta’s assault to all enemies


Skill Effect
Talent: I’ll Take a Swing When any ally assault causes an enemy’s HP to fall to 50% or decrease, Herta launches a follow-up assault dealing 25% of Herta’s assault as ice injury to all enemies


Skill Effect
It Can Still Be Optimized (Enhance) After utilizing her method, Herta’s assault will increase by 40% for 3 turns within the subsequent battle

Honkai Star Rail Herta splash art

What are Herta’s eidolons?

In Honkai Star Rail, eidolons are much like Genshin Impact’s constellations, the place gaining more than one copy of a personality grants you boosts and upgrades for that character. Here are all of Herta’s eidolons.

Eidolon Effect
Level one – A Well’s Fallen Stone When utilizing a primary assault, if the goal enemy’s HP is lower than or equal to 50% of its max HP, Herta offers an extra 20% of assault as ice injury
Level two – Triumph and Pursuit Every time Herta’s expertise is triggered, her crit fee will increase by 4%
Level three – That’s the Kind of Girl I Am Increases the extent of Herta’s final by three, to a most of degree 15. Also will increase the extent of her primary assault by one, to a most of degree ten
Level 4 – Hit Where it Hurts Increases the injury dealt when Herta’s expertise is triggered by an extra 10%
Level 5 – Swear Big or Don’t Swear at All Increases the extent of Herta’s talent by three, to a most of degree 15. Also will increase the extent of her primary assault by one, to a most of degree ten
Level six – No One Can Betray Me Increases Herta’s assault by an extra 40% for one flip after utilizing her final

And that’s every thing we’ve bought on Honkai Star Rail’s Herta for the time being. We’ll you’ll want to replace this information if we discover any higher relics or gentle cones for her. In the meantime, take a look at our information to one of the best video games like Genshin Impact for a enjoyable new journey.

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