Honkai Star Rail Gepard – relics, attacks, and more

The Silvermane Guards are to not be trifled with, and that’s largely on account of their formidable captain, Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard. This upstanding younger man could look as chilly because the ice he wields, however his sense of responsibility to each his work and the guards he oversees is admirable.

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard means that loyalty isn’t an inherent advantage of people and that, as such, the recipient of that loyalty must show themselves worthy. Luckily, we’re right here that can assist you earn his loyalty by gearing him up with this useful construct information. Find out more about Gepard, alongside along with his assaults, eidolons, and the most effective objects to equip him with, so you possibly can stand alongside this frosty captain.

While you’re right here, make sure to hop aboard the Astral Express and introduce your self to the remainder of the Honkai Star Rail characters, together with Honkai Star Rail’s Sampo, Honkai Star Rail’s Pela, and Honkai Star Rail’s Sushang. We even have a Honkai Star Rail tier checklist, so you possibly can work out who to take in your subsequent expedition.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard is the proud, honourable captain of the Silvermane Guards, and is an especially dutiful and upstanding citizen of Belobog. He’s from the Landau household, and is the brother of Honkai Star Rail’s Serval – although his stoic, righteous manner contrasts Serval’s vibrant, wild persona dramatically. It’s his responsibility to guard the peace of on a regular basis life, and he strives to maintain his guards in line by setting a shining instance and doing what he believes is true, however is usually blinded by his personal loyalties.

Gepard is a five-star ice wielder who treads the trail of the Preservation. His English voice actor is Bryson Baugus, and his Japanese voice actor is Hurukawa Makoto.

What’s the most effective Honkai Star Rail Gepard construct?

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard dishes out some nice ice harm and has the flexibility to freeze enemies, however we imagine he really excels in a tank sub-dps function. His final gives an especially sturdy defend to assist his allies get out of all method of sticky conditions, and his passive permits him to hop again into the sport for a final stand when he’s struck with a killing blow. As such, he slips into nearly any workforce that wants just a little additional safety, particularly with a high-impact DPS like Honkai Star Rail’s Blade, whose harm hinges on him sacrificing parts of his well being.

As of the beta, we suggest constructing Gepard with as a lot defence and HP as potential. Aside from that, you must concentrate on growing his assault, vitality restoration, and ice harm.

Which mild cone ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

Moment of Victory is a five-star mild cone tailor-made to Gepard’s equipment. Its ability compliments him being in a tank function, because it will increase his defence and taunts enemies, permitting him to soak up hits so his teammates can survive longer.

If the RNG gods don’t smile on you and you possibly can’t get your arms on Moment of Victory, be happy to equip Gepard with any mild cone that will increase his defence. Just make it possible for it aligns with the trail of the Preservation as a way to activate its ability.

Light cone Effect How to acquire
Moment of Victory Increases Gepard’s defence by 20% and his impact hit charge by 20% when attacking. Increases the possibility of enemies attacking Gepard as a substitute of allies. When Gepard is attacked by enemies, his defence will increase by an extra 20% till the tip of his flip Gacha

Which relics ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

As of the beta, we suggest equipping Gepard with the Knight of Purity Palace relic set because it additional enhances his tanking talents. When it involves substats, you must prioritise defence above all else, then goal to extend his HP, ice harm, assault, and vitality restoration.

Relic Effect How to acquire
Knight of Purity Palace Two outfitted: will increase defence by 18%
Four outfitted: will increase the max harm absorbed by Gepard’s defend by 20%
Five outfitted: will increase defence by 18%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Blazing Fire in Jarilo-VI’s Rivet Town

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard’s assaults?


Skill Effect
Basic assault: Fist of Conviction Deal 60% of Gepard’s assault as ice harm to a goal enemy
Skill: Intimidating Strike (impair) Deal 110% of Gepard’s assault as ice harm to a goal enemy. At the identical time, there’s a 65% base probability to freeze that enemy for one flip. While frozen, the enemy can’t transfer, and takes 27% of Gepard’s assault as ice DoT every flip
Ultimate: Enduring Bulwark (defence) Apply a defend to all allies, absorbing harm equal to 32% of Gepard’s defence plus 140 for 3 turns


Skill Effect
Unyielding Will When struck with a killing blow, as a substitute of changing into capacitated, Gepard’s HP instantly restores again to 27% of his max HP. This impact can solely set off as soon as per battle


Skill Effect
Comradery (defence) For the subsequent battle after Gepard makes use of his approach, the defence of all allies will increase by 25% of Gepard’s defence for 2 turns

Honkai Star Rail Gepard

What are Gepard’s eidolons?

Honkai Star Rail eidolons, very similar to Genshin Impact constellations, are particular buffs and upgrades that you simply unlock by acquiring more than one copy of a personality. Here are all of Gepard’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – Due Diligence Gepard’s primary assault has a 75% base probability to taunt the goal for one flip 
Level two – Lingering Cold After an enemy frozen by Gepard’s ability is unfrozen, their velocity reduces by 25% for one flip
Level three – Never Surrender Increases the extent of Gepard’s final by three, as much as a most of stage 15. Also will increase the extent of his primary assault by one, as much as a most of stage ten
Level 4 – Faith Moves Mountains When Gepard is in battle, all allies’ impact resistance will increase by 20%
Level 5 – Cold Iron First Increases the extent of Gepard’s ability by three, as much as a most of stage 15, and the extent of his primary assault by one, as much as a most of stage ten
Level six – Unyielding Determination When his expertise is triggered, Gepard’s motion advances ahead by 100%, and his hp restoration will increase by 50% of his max HP

Alright, soldier, that’s all we’ve received on Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard for now. If you’re itching for a contemporary journey and simply can’t wait till the Honkai Star Rail launch date, head over to our checklist of the most effective video games like Genshin Impact and attempt one thing new right now.

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