Honkai Star Rail Clara – relics, attacks, and more

Among the superior group of distinctive characters in Honkai Star Rail, Clara and Svarog nonetheless handle to face out. This tiny, harmless lady isn’t seen removed from her intimidating, robotic companion, and their distinction is as stark day and night time. However, on account of Svarog adopting Clara at a younger age, they’ve grown a bond so shut that even the results of a stellaron couldn’t injury it.

If you need to assist Svarog in defending Honkai Star Rail’s Clara and assist her in her mission to make Belobog a safer and happier place for everybody, then you definately’re in the correct place. Our Clara construct information takes a detailed take a look at all of her expertise and eidolons, and explains the very best function, gentle cones, and relics to equip her with. Mr Svarog is her household, and perhaps you will be too.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Clara?

Clara is a candy, comfortable spoken lady who was raised by an excellent clever robotic referred to as Svarog, and this uncommon upbringing has given her tenacity and perceptiveness far past her years. Clara is shy and timid, however she’s additionally extraordinarily thoughtful and passionate in direction of others, even the guard robots. She at all times thought of Svarog’s logical calculations to be infallible legislation, however as she grows she realises that ‘calculations’ don’t at all times take all variables into consideration – and they’re not assured to go well with everybody.

Honkai Star Rail’s Clara is a five-star character who offers bodily injury and treads the trail of the Destruction. Her and Svarog are voiced by Emily Sun and D.C. Douglas within the English dub, and Hidaka Rina and Yasumoto Hiroki within the Japanese dub.

What’s the very best Honkai Star Rail Clara construct?

With a little bit of assist from Svarog, Clara makes for an incredible off-tank and bodily injury vendor. Svarog’s mark of counter permits her to dish out loads of counterattacks between her turns, and her ult sees her and Svarog taunt enemies and take in among the injury that would in any other case be taken by a teammate with decrease HP or defence. This makes Clara a superb unit for a staff in want of a tankier, AoE injury vendor to guard squishier buffers and DPS.

When constructing Clara, we suggest your prioritise growing her assault and bodily injury as most of her expertise scale with these stats. However, as this information is predicated solely off the second closed beta, and we haven’t had a lot of an opportunity to check out totally different builds. We’ll replace this part once we’ve acquired our palms on the complete recreation within the wake of the Honkai Star Rail launch date.

Which gentle cone ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Clara?

Something Irreplaceable is a five-star gentle cone designed particularly for Clara. It will increase her assault and injury dealt, and heals her when she’s hit by an enemy, which completely compliments her playstyle and ult.

But five-star gentle cones are onerous to get your paws on as they require a sprinkling of luck from the RNG gods. If you’ll be able to’t pay money for Something Irreplaceable, you’ll be able to, sarcastically, exchange it with one other gentle cone – ideally one which will increase her assault or buffs her counterattacks. Just you’ll want to solely equip her with one which aligns with the trail of the Destruction to be able to activate its talent.

Light cone Effect How to acquire
Something Irreplaceable Increases Clara’s assault by 24%. After she receives an assault, Clara instantly restores HP equal to eight% of her assault, and will increase her injury dealt by 20%. This impact is legitimate till the top of Clara’s flip. It can’t stack and can solely set off as soon as per flip Gacha

Which relics ought to I exploit for Honkai Star Rail’s Clara?

Most of Clara’s expertise scale off assault and bodily injury, so, as of the beta, Champion of Streetwise Boxing is the very best relic set for her. When it involves substats, we suggest boosting her assault and bodily injury even additional, then some additional pace and vitality restoration is a superb bonus.

Relic Effect How to acquire
Champion of Streetwise Boxing Two outfitted: will increase bodily injury by 12%
Four outfitted: will increase Clara’s assault by 7% after she performs or receives an assault. This impact can stack as much as six instances
Five outfitted: will increase bodily injury by 12% 
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Clashing Iron in Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Clara’s assaults?


Skill Effect
Basic assault: I Want To Help (single assault) Deal 60% of Clara’s assault as bodily injury to a goal enemy
Skill: Svarog Watches Over You (AoE) Deal bodily injury equal to 71% of Clara’s assault to all enemy items. Also offers extra bodily injury equal to 110% of Clara’s assault to enemies marked by Svarog with a Mark of Counter. Using Clara’s talent removes all Marks of Counter
Ultimate: Promise, Not Command (improve) After utilizing Clara’s final, it reduces the injury dealt to Clara by 16%, and will increase the possibility of Clara being attacked by enemies for 2 turns. Also enhances Svarog’s counter in order that when an ally is attacked a counter from Svarog is assured, and its injury multiplier on the goal will increase by 82%. Adjacent enemies take 50% of the injury dealt to the goal. Enhanced Counter can take impact two instances


Skill Effect
Because We’re Family (passive) Under the safety of Svarog, Clara’s injury taken reduces by 15%. Svarog marks enemies who assault Clara with Mark of Counter and retaliates with a counter, dealing 55% of Clara’s assault as bodily injury


Skill Effect
Small Price for Victory Immediately assaults the enemy. After getting into battle, will increase the possibility Clara will likely be attacked by enemies for 2 turns

What are Clara’s eidolons?

Like Genshin Impact’s constellations, Clara’s eidolons are particular bonuses and buffs you’ll be able to unlock by pulling more than one copy of her.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – A Tall Figure Using Clara’s skil doesn’t take away the goal’s Mark of Counter
Level two – A Tight Embrace Using Clara’s final restores 20% of her max HP
Level three – Cold Steel Armor Increases the extent of Clara’s final by three, as much as a most of degree 15, and the extent of her primary assault by one, as much as a most of degree ten
Level 4 – Family’s Warmth After Clara is hit, reduces the injury she takes by 30%. This impact lasts till the beginning of her subsequent flip
Level 5 – A Small Promise Increases the extent of Clara’s talent by three, as much as a most of degree 15, and the extent of her primary assault by one, as much as a most of degree ten
Level six – Long Company After different allies are hit, Svarog has a 50% probability to set off a counter on the attacker and mark them with a Mark of Counter. When utilizing Clara’s final, set off an extra two enhanced counters

That’s the whole lot we learn about Honkai Star Rail’s Clara for the time being. We’ll you’ll want to replace this information once we discover out more. In the meantime, head over to our listing of the very best video games like Genshin Impact for a recent journey.

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