Genshin Impact Yelan vs Xingqiu: Comparing between the Hydra Supports

Hydro is one in all the 7 parts present in the world of Teyvat. It additionally performs a significant position in the sport’s finest response i.e., Vaporize, Freeze and Electrocharge. Meaning different parts in Genshin Impact wouldn’t be as highly effective as they’re with out the factor hydro. With that being stated, these parts include their imaginative and prescient bearers. The ongoing 2.7 model options Yelan, the new bow-wielding hydro character. Yelan has been rumored as a 5-star Xingqiu for fairly a while in the group. Because of their similarities like elemental burst, artifact set, and gameplay. This article will break down the mechanics of Yelan and Xingqiu how they work, their similarities, and their variations in Genshin Impact.

Comparing Yelan vs Xingqiu based mostly on gameplay mechanics


Mostly all of Yelan’s key options scale together with her HP which implies ATK buffs are ineffective for her which involves the conclusion that ATK sub-stat bows are additionally ineffective. As such she’s an off-field sub DPS and hydro enabler. Her expertise precedence is Elemental burst > Elemental ability > Normal assault 

Genshin Impact Yelan Character Guide Cover
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Yelan principally applies hydro to enemies in her elemental burst (power price -70), due to this her ER calls for ought to be fulfilled with an ER of about 200-220%. Players can get away with decrease ER if their crew composition comprises a battery (instance – Raiden shogun).


Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide
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Considering Xingqiu he’s one in all the finest help characters in the sport. His capability to shortly apply hydro makes him versatile for elemental crew composition reactions. Xingqiu depends most on his elemental burst for hydro purposes (power price – 80), with expertise priorities as Elemental burst > Elemental ability > Normal assault. Xingqiu scales with ATK so you might need to stack ATK for larger harm output.

Similarities and Differences between Yelan and Xingqiu in Genshin Impact


Below are the similarities between Yelan and Xingqiu:

  • They each are Sub DPS, a hydro enabler that will depend on their elemental burst.
  • That stated Yelan may match on most of Xingqiu’s compositions.


The variations between Yelan and Xingqiu are:

  • Yelan’s ability is best in AoE circumstances however is a one-time hydro software.
  • Xingqiu’s ability lasts 15s making him a greater hydro applicator for single targets.
  • Yelan supplies 0 safety from enemies’ assaults utilizing her ability.
  • Xingqiu supplies some safety in addition to therapeutic to the on-field character.
  • Yelan’s elemental burst supplies large harm buffs to the present on-field character, the most enhance to break dealt could be as excessive as 50%.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Xingqiu’s hydro software is bigger than Yelan making him good for Vaporize, Freeze, and Taser/Electrocharge groups. Yelan has larger off-field harm potential as she additionally buffs the harm handled the on-field character due to her ascension passive.

Xingqiu is a extra viable possibility for a crew based mostly on elemental response whereas Yelan is extra appropriate for larger private harm for the on-field character. At final, it solely will depend on the participant’s personal private opinion, their crew comps, and elegance of gameplay.

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