Genshin Impact leaks: Every upcoming content until version 4.0 update

Recently, a number of leaks in regards to the upcoming content in Genshin Impact have surfaced on the web. These leaks embrace new characters, bosses, space expansions, and far more within the massively widespread role-playing sport. In this text, we’ll cowl all of the leaks intimately.

Upcoming in-game content until Version 4.0 update in Genshin Impact

Characters in Genshin Impact

A personality launch roadmap reveals the discharge of Alhaitham, Yaoyao, Dehya, Mika, and Baizhu. Alhaitham and Dehya appeared within the Sumeru Archon quest, whereas Mika first appeared within the Mondstadt-based limited-time occasion in Version 3.1.

Baizhu’s first look was a very long time in the past within the Liyue Archon quest. Players have been ready for his launch ever since. Yaoyao’s existence was recognized for some time now, however her official artwork has solely been launched just a few weeks in the past. She, alongside Baizhu, has taken ceaselessly to be launched because the announcement that they might change into playable.

Genshin Impact upcoming content leaks
Image through Twitter

This tweet has been deleted as a result of UBatcha feared that Hoyoverse would get his account banned. This speaks volumes in regards to the severity of the leaks. The final time one thing this huge was leaked was again in version 1.5 and Hoyoverse didn’t take it calmly again then. Among these, Wanderer (Scaramouche) and Faruzan have already been formally revealed by HoYoverse.

Character Kit Info

At the second we solely have detailed leaked details about Alhaitham’s equipment. Some of Scaramouche’s equipment can also be leaked however it’s not detailed sufficient. 

1. Alhaitham E

2. Alhaitham Q

Upcoming Bosses and Enemies in Genshin Impact

A brand new boss enemy (in all probability just like Dvalin) referred to as the Dendro Dragon exists. The boss battle may even have two phases like Dvalin, and identical to Dvalin, the FOV adjustments between phases. It will probably be a weekly boss. 

Several new frequent enemies have additionally been leaked.

While not precisely categorized as an “enemy”, since you can not battle them, one other Ruin Golem will make its look sooner or later. The first Ruin Golem was encountered at Devantaka mountain within the Sumer rainforest, whereas the second Ruin Golem was discovered on the Valley of Dahri within the Sumeru desert space.

A brand new boss battle akin to Marana’s avatar from the Aranyaka quest line will happen sooner or later. It is unclear whether or not it’s an Archon quest, a narrative quest, or a world quest. It can also be unclear if it’ll change into a weekly boss.

Area Expansions

The Sumeru desert space will probably be receiving additional expansions in 3.4 and three.6. These new areas are more likely to be unlocked as a part of new Archon quests and can in all probability comprise boss battles.

The new space in version 3.8, might be a teaser for Fontain. The Golden Apple Archipelago in version 1.6 served as a teaser to Inazuma earlier than its launch within the following 2.0 patch. The Golden Apple Archipelago debuted options just like the Waverider earlier than Inazuma’s official launch to ease gamers into it. This new space will in all probability additionally serve an identical operate for the following area, Fontain which is to be launched in version 4.0. 

Upcoming Story Quests and Hangout Quests

Scaramouche is being launched as a playable character in version 3.3, and his story quest may even quickly change into obtainable.

While 5* characters have story quests, 4* characters have hangout quests and Layla is the following 4* characters to get her hangout quest.

After each Archon quest, there’s a “Traveller” chapter. The first “Traveller” chapter launched Dainslef and the Abyss twin again in version 1.4. This was adopted by one other “Traveller” chapter in version 2.6 the place Dainslef revealed darkish secrets and techniques in regards to the Cataclysm that came about 500 years in the past. It is time for an additional “Traveller” chapter after Sumeru’s Archon quest finishes. This chapter will probably be launched in version 3.5.

Upcoming Events in Genshin Impact

Version 3.3 will carry again two of the preferred occasions, Windtrace and Misty Dungeon. Windtrace is a hide-and-seek kind minigame performed in co-op. Misty Dungeon provides gamers trial characters to finish domains.

The rollercoaster occasion in version 3.8 is one thing fully new and there’s no method to speculate the way it will prove. 

Weapons in Genshin Impact

Scaramouche’s signature weapon particulars leaked. The passive of this weapon closely favors regular assaults over elemental talent or burst. Scaramouche is likely to be a standard attack-oriented DPS like Yoimiya or Ayato, nevertheless, that is pure hypothesis so take it with a grain of salt.

One of the occasions in version 3.3 will reward a free 4* sword. 

Genshin Impact Artifacts 

Two new artifact units have been leaked. 

This one is likely to be tailored for Scaramouche because it buffs regular assault harm, identical to his signature weapon does. 

Both Nilou and Nahida may gain advantage from this artifact, however it must be examined as soon as it’s launched. 

Final Thoughts

So these have been among the most essential leaks in regards to the upcoming future content of Genshin Impact. The Sumeru patches will go as much as version 3.8 after which we will probably be launched to the Nation of Fontain in version 4.0.

Are you excited in regards to the upcoming content in Genshin Impact until Version 4.0? Let us know within the feedback under!

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