Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Faruzan and Tips

Genshin Impact has simply launched its new anticipated Version 3.3 Patch Update of Sumeru bringing in two new playable characters within the first half of the replace, Wanderer and Faruzan. Faruzan is the brand new 4-Star Anemo Bow playable Character in Genshin Impact. She is the primary devoted Anemo harm buffer within the sport. There is a substantial quantity of excessive expectations concerning Faruzan, as Anemo DPS and Hyper-carry items badly wanted their devoted Support to spice up their Anemo harm and present these buffs of their social gathering. This information will assist the gamers construct one of the best workforce compositions for Faruzan and squeeze out his most DMG potential in Genshin Impact.

Faruzan’s Team Synergy and Play-style: Quick Overview

As said earlier than, Faruzan’s personal private harm is measly and negligible at greatest which is why her workforce compositions that we’ll be suggesting are centered on a Support Faruzan. Just like Kujou Sara and Gorou, Faruzan appears to own a area of interest package that’s largely tailor-made in the direction of a sure Elemental Type and 5-star playable character. Similarly, her package has many issues as she suffers via Energy Recharge points. Her Elemental Burst value is at 80, a surprisingly excessive Energy Cost which isn’t seen in Support characters. Not solely that, Faruzan’s package doesn’t assist with offering her ample Energy Particles to persistently have her Elemental Burst up.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Team Compositions
Image through HoYoverse

Her Constellations are her saving grace because it solves all her package points. The solely downside is that her most helpful Constellation is her C4: ‘Wonderland of Rumination’ and her C6: ‘The Wondrous Path of Truth’. These two Constellations each assist together with her Energy Issues and present higher buffs to her Anemo teammates.

Best Team Compositions for Faruzan in Genshin Impact

1. Wanderer Team

Genshin Impact Faruzan Team Compositions Wanderer Team
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A Wanderer Team consisting of Wanderer because the Main Hyper-carry DPS, Support Faruzan who boosts Wanderer’s private harm and the final two slots are versatile, based mostly on what Team Comp one is constructing, based mostly round Wanderer. It is extremely beneficial to place in a powerful Shield Support for Wanderer with the intention to defend him as he’s very susceptible when he’s in mid-air. The final slot could be crammed with a quick-swap harm supplier or assault buffer.

Main DPS Support Support Shield
Wanderer Faruzan Bennett Zhongli
    Alternatives: Mona, Kokomi, Beidou, Xingqiu and Fischl Alternatives: Thoma, Diona, Layla
  • Wanderer: Wanderer acts because the Main DPS on this workforce composition, the place he acts as a hyper-carry unit and offers excessive harm utilizing his charged assaults and regular assaults. Wanderer receives completely different perks based mostly on the swirled response. Usually pairing him with a Pyro unit appears related with the intention to obtain the
  • Faruzan: If gamers actually need Wanderer’s private harm to shine and be persistently excessive, then bringing Faruzan to the workforce is a should. After all, she is the one concise Anemo help launched alongside Wanderer. Her skills are centered on buffing Anemo characters. Faruzan can also be a uncommon and F2P-friendly strategy to shred Anemo Resistance if gamers don’t have C4 Jean. Although be suggested that she could be very clunky to make use of and for a fair better-experienced Team comp, it is suggested that gamers get her to C6 to repair her power points and persistently buff the workforce.
  • Bennett: Bennett boosts Wanderer’s private harm and helps swirl Pyro for Wanderer to allow the Pyro buff which will increase Attack to 30%. This third slot is well versatile, with Wanderer acquiring many helpful buffs based mostly on the swirled Element. Other viable characters that gamers can use are any character that readily applies Electro, Hydro, and Electro.
  • Zhongli: Zhongli right here acts as a Shield Support for Wanderer. Wanderer as said could be very susceptible particularly when he prompts his Elemental Skill ‘Hanega: Song of the Wind’ and hovers mid-air. He has virtually zero Interruption Resistance and can get knocked down very simply, which is why having a protect character is extremely beneficial for him. Characters like Zhongli, Thoma, Layla, and Diona are viable choices.

2. Heizou Team

Faruzan Heizou Team
Image through HoYoverse

Heizou Team would include Heizou being the principle harm supplier, Faruzan offering Anemo buffs and help, Kokomi appearing as an applicator to swirl and cost up Heizou’s talent and Kazuha being the Sup-DPS plus Energy Battery for Faruzan.

Main DPS Support Sub-DPS Support
Heizou Faruzan Kazuha Kokomi
      Alternatives: Mona, Shinobu, Fischl
  • Like the Wanderer workforce, Heizou is one other Main DPS that does an insane quantity of injury as a four-star. Most of his excessive private harm comes from his charged-up E talent. Heizou can also be one other catalyst person and therefore offers constant Anemo Damage to the enemies.
  • Faruzan’s function is simply the identical as Wanderer’s workforce comp. She helps to offer Anemo resistance and enhance Anemo harm bonus to different events. Faruzan could not persistently apply these buffs if her Elemental Burst just isn’t up on time throughout this workforce rotation.
  • Kazuha: Triple Anemo is a recent new workforce composition launched, because of Faruzan. The cause for Kazuha to be on this workforce comp is to behave as a Sub-DPS within the workforce, whereas additionally offering Energy Particles to Faruzan with the intention to maintain her Elemental Burst up.
  • Kokomi: Kokomi is there to often present a Hydro utility for Heizou to swirl and cost up his E talent shortly. Equipping her with the Tenacity of the Mililith Artifact set helps buff the workforce’s harm.

3. Xiao Team

Faruzan Xiao Team
Image through HoYoverse

Another triple Anemo workforce consisting of Xiao appearing as the principle DPS, Jean offers Energy particles and therapeutic to the workforce, Faruzan together with her Anemo buffs, and lastly both Bennett or Zhongli for extra Support and Buffs within the social gathering.

Main DPS Support Support Support/Shield
Xiao Faruzan Jean Zhongli
    Alternatives: Sucrose Alternatives: Bennett
  • Xiao is a egocentric DPS who acts as a hyper-carry unit, dealing harm together with his Elemental Burst. Xiao similar to Faruzan has Energy Recharge points, attributable to him having a excessive Burst value and not producing Energy particles effectively.
  • Jean helps repair the general points with the workforce and synergizes effectively. She might help each Xiao and Faruzan’s Energy points whereas additionally making use of constant therapeutic for Xiao. Equipping Jean with a Sacrificial Sword is extremely beneficial if gamers use this explicit workforce comp.
  • The final slot could be crammed by both bringing Bennett to extend Xiao’s assault or Zhongli to assist by offering a stable protect to Xiao, when he makes use of his Elemental Burst.

Final Thoughts

Faruzan’s package is generally centered on offering buffs to different Anemo characters. Her personal private harm is negligible and she just isn’t a personality we suggest to construct as a DPS seeing as how she loses loads of worth and wastes her personal package if she is constructed round as a harm supplier slightly than a Support. Faruzan’s Elemental Skill ‘Wind Realm of Nasamjnin’ barely does any crowd management to enemies. Her predominant usefulness depends on her Elemental Burst ‘The Wind’s Secret Ways’ which decreases Anemo Resistance and grants the character Anemo Damage Bonus.

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