Futurama: Game of Drones – Tips, Hints and Tricks to Complete Objectives Faster

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At first look your response can be “Oh no, not another boring match 3 puzzle game”. No, you’re flawed. Wooga’s Futurama: Game of Drones is a match 4 puzzle title and it’s not ashamed to mock Candy Crush Saga regardless of being a veritable clone (personally I feel it’s a wonderful parody recreation of King’s epic match 3 title is). You should match 4 or extra drones on a hex grid to safely ship them to prospects. There are SUPER drones and SUPER DUPER drones that assist you attain your objectives quicker. The recreation additionally options boss fights during which you’ve gotten to match drones to cut back the enemy’s HP to zero.

If you’re a fan of this animated sitcom, you’ll take pleasure in each second of taking part in this recreation. Your favourite characters will pop up each now and then to hold you entertained for hours. The in-game social networking website “Twitcher” (one other spoof!) will hold you up to date on the story and characters with enjoyable 140-character updates. Game of Drones is straightforward to play but when you understand how to use completely different tremendous and tremendous duper drones, you possibly can simply get extra drones to your vacation spot. With the assistance of the following tips, hints and methods, you’ll have the option to achieve ranges and full aims quicker:

Line drones may also help you clear a line of your selecting.

You can create a line drone by combining 5 regular drones of the identical sort. With a line drone, you possibly can simply take away a line of drones within the route of your alternative. You can transfer this tremendous drone up, down, left, proper and diagonally and it would alter to that route and remove drones vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Take benefit of the pliability of a line drone and strive utilizing it on a column or row that has extra goal drones or obstacles. For instance, if there are extra pink drones within the diagonal row and you want to gather them to attain the sport goal, you possibly can transfer the road drone (whether it is nearer to you) in that route to gather them.

Futurama: Game of Drones

When you mix two line drones, you create a brilliant duper line drone. This tremendous duper drone can remove drones in all instructions as soon as it has swapped locations with a drone. This can actually assist you to delete a most quantity of objects.

Create a triple dipple tremendous duper line drone by combining a line drone with a bomb drone. Once you’ve swapped locations with one other drone, it could actually transfer three rows of drones within the route you moved it. So should you moved it diagonally, all three diagonal rows shall be erased.

Use Prism Drones to take away goal drones

In some ranges you’ve gotten to take away drones of a sure coloration. It might be pink drones, blue drones or a drone of every other coloration. A prism drone may also help you take away such goal drones. So if the sport requires eradicating 5 pink drones and if they’re scattered across the recreation board and fortunately you probably have one
Prism Drone close to a pink drone, then you possibly can swap locations to take away all drones of that coloration.

Prism Drones are tough to create as you want to mix 7 drones of the identical coloration to create one. Only use it when there are a number of drones of one sort scattered throughout the sport board. By merely scanning the sport board, you possibly can simply discover out which drone has a number of drones of the identical sort scattered throughout the board.
When you mix a Line Drone with a Prism Drone, you create a Super Duper Line Prism. Now swap locations with a drone and all drones of that coloration will turn into line drones.

A Prism Drone mixed with a Bomb Drone leads to a Super Duper Bomb Prism. When moved to one other drone, it turns all drones of the identical coloration into bomb drones.

A Prism Drone mixed with one other Prism Drone can clear the complete board.

Tips and hints to obtain objectives quicker

You ought to focus in your objectives first and strive to obtain them earlier than you do anything. Most aims vary from accumulating particular numbers on a drone to eradicating poisonous waste or clearing obstacles. Try to create extra and extra “super drones” by combining 5 or extra drones of the identical sort.

Super Drones are sometimes auto-created as new drones fall from above. But don’t use them immediately. They ought to be used to obtain your objectives. Due to the restricted quantity of strikes, should you don’t plan your match 3 technique, it’s possible you’ll run out of strikes earlier than reaching your objectives. Here is a guidelines that may assist you obtain objectives quicker:

  • Look for matches of 5 and above. If you possibly can’t discover any, begin by matching 4 drones of the identical sort.
  • Once a particular drone is created, don’t use it immediately. Pay consideration to your objectives and be sure that the particular drone performs an essential function within the achievement. Try to mix different drones to create extra tremendous drones. You can then swap locations of two Super Drones to create Super Duper Drone, which might be of super assist when clearing a lot of the sport board and this may assist you full your aims quicker.
  • A personality’s particular energy additionally helps you obtain your objectives. Keep customizing matching drones and creating tremendous drones to replenish the character’s particular energy meter. You can use a particular energy meter immediately, as a result of the meter fills up fairly shortly. Every time you utilize a personality’s particular energy, it helps you take away extra drones in a method or one other. And this may also help you attain your rating targets or objectives quicker.
  • Use boosters correctly. You solely get 2 free samples of a booster. Try to use them in ranges which can be very tough to full. If you fail a degree two or thrice, you possibly can think about using them.

Bomb drones explode twice

Bomb Drones might be created by combining 6 drones of the identical sort. These bombastic drones explode twice when swapped for a drone. They might be very helpful for clearing the encircling pool of poisonous waste, crates and different obstacles.

Combining one bomb drone with one other creates an identical trying tremendous duper drone. Switch locations with one other drone and it would create an even bigger explosion and take away extra surrounding objects.

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