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Dungeon Chef by Agate Studio is a cooking recreation with a twist! With it you possibly can battle monsters and kill them for his or her meat. But the enjoyable doesn’t cease there. When you come house you need to use all substances together with monster meat to put together scrumptious meals in your prospects. Your prospects are completely satisfied to pay for the scrumptious meals served to them at your grandpa’s tavern.

The recreation is simple to play. Go into dungeons and battle monsters, kill them to get substances and cook dinner them in your tavern’s “kitchen”. But earlier than you do anything, double-check what prospects need by tapping the Orders tab. Complete orders to get cash and XP. The expertise factors gained from accomplished orders fill the EXP standing bar within the higher left nook of the display. Once the EXP bar is full, you’ll stage up and additionally unlock a brand new dungeon the place you possibly can kill one other wild monster to get its meat and different vital substances.

Reaching a brand new dungeon additionally unlocks a model new recipe that provides extra cash and XP. And should you’re having a tough time killing a monster, you possibly can at all times go to the Blacksmith to sharpen your weapons. If you’re nonetheless confused, need to earn extra cash and XP, and are searching for secondary substances in your dish, simply comply with these fast suggestions and hints:

1. Make fast and straightforward meals to get cash and XP sooner

When you faucet the Order button, you see a wide range of meals orders from prospects. Her precedence is to put together meals that require much less prep time and substances. Scan all the order part and put together these “appetizers” that require much less preparation time and just one ingredient. Miconid Stock is an instance of a dish that solely requires one ingredient, Miconid Slice, and the prep time is simply 30 seconds. You will discover not less than 2-3 prospects ordering this dish.

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Another recipe is the Cockatrice Consomme – It requires cockatrice meat and you possibly can end cooking it in 40 seconds. Both of those dishes require the meat of the 2 monsters Miconid and Cockatrice. You can play these two monster ranges and get their meat. Once you’ve got sufficient meat, you can begin taking orders and make these two dishes first to get XP and cash shortly.

2. Replay unlocked dungeons to get secondary substances for essential dishes

Main dishes require further substances together with the primary ingredient, i.e. the meat of the slain monster. You can get these secondary substances by replaying dungeons that drop them. For instance: For the Steamed Spicy Cockatrice recipe, you have to further substances comparable to lava chili, pepper and inexperienced onions. To get them you want to replay dungeons like Brimy Grassland and Misty Wilderness to discover these secondary substances. Sometimes you’ve got to play the identical dungeons over and over once more to get them.

To get a listing of potential substances, faucet the “Enter” button in a dungeon. You’ll see the checklist of things simply above the inexperienced “Combat” button. Play this stage when the checklist incorporates the required ingredient.

3. Kill monsters with out taking a lot harm to enhance the possibilities of getting substances

Secondary substances are uncommon and it’s possible you’ll want to repeat a dungeon a number of occasions to get them.
The possibilities of an ingredient drop are larger should you kill a monster shortly earlier than it does numerous harm to your character. You get three stars for killing a monster and taking much less harm. Getting three stars in a dungeon battle additionally offers you an opportunity to get secondary substances from the monster you killed.

Upgrade your weapons on the Blacksmith (Market > Blacksmith). Not solely does this permit you to get extra meat from a monster, but it surely additionally permits you to kill it sooner. During battle, shortly faucet the assault button to drain enemy HP sooner and use the protect (protection button) to block monster assaults and protect your HP.

4. Buy substances on the grocery retailer

If you don’t have the persistence to battle monsters in dungeons and want substances shortly, you need to use the cash earned out of your prospects to purchase them on the grocery retailer. Go to Market > Groceries and purchase substances you don’t have. You should purchase substances in packs. The rarer the ingredient, the extra cash you’ve got to spend to get it.

To earn cash from prospects, put together dishes that require solely the primary ingredient and serve them to your prospects. Go to “Order” and seek for easy-to-prepare dishes. You can save cash only for grocery procuring and attempt not to use them to improve your weapons.

5. Tap on “fairy” and Herveus the goblin to get substances

The cute little fairy that hovers over your visitor within the tavern might help you get the cooking provides you want. Just faucet on her when she turns golden to get a number of random substances like Potatoes, Chilies, Peppers, Rice, Garlic, and so forth.

You can even faucet the fairy if it doesn’t change colour, however you must wait 40 seconds and then faucet it to get some substances. You can even get substances by tapping the leprechaun. He drops rewards like cash and meals. Herr Herveus comes to your tavern each day.

Additional suggestions and hints

  • Collect and save crystals for an additional furnace slot. You want 25 crystals to broaden your fireside. Get these pink jewels by finishing achievements and leveling up. You can even get crystals by watching an advert (faucet the “Wanted” signal in your tavern to watch an advert).
  • Certain recipes require a special range. Most steam and soup recipes require “boil” ovens. Process recipes like Boarzilla Bacon require you to faucet the Process tab to put together them. There can be the “Other” oven used for a wide range of different recipes comparable to Miconid Samosa. Just faucet on a range to test the checklist of meals you possibly can put together in your prospects.
  • The stock space below “Kitchen” incorporates a listing of all substances that you’ve acquired in a dungeon stage or purchased from the grocery retailer.
  • Purchasing costumes impacts fight and cooking. Tap Black Market and then Tailor to get a listing of fancy outfits in your character. The most cost-effective outfit solely prices 25 crystals. Example: If you select the “Cool Kids” costume, which prices 25 crystals, you’ll obtain a 1% low cost on all groceries available in the market.

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