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Developer Social Point is understood for his or her pet breeding video games like Monster Legends and Dragon City. But this time it has one thing totally different for the gamers. Instead of the standard breeding sport, the builders have created a sport like Mario and consider me, this sport is stuffed with wonderful 3D ranges that convey platformer style to life. Dragon Land options your favourite fire-breathing creatures from Dragon City, however as an alternative of swarming round their base, they’ll scale partitions, bounce over obstacles, glide within the air, and hit the unhealthy guys. Each creature has a particular potential that may allow you to overcome obstacles and full ranges.

The sport is a surprising platformer stuffed with 3D and 2D ranges. The design of every degree is prime notch. Children and adults will discover every degree extraordinarily rewarding to play. There’s additionally a cute racing sport the place you compete in opposition to rival dragons to get the highest spot and earn cash. Campaign ranges are laborious, however Quick Play ranges are more durable. With the assistance of this information, you’ll give you the option to degree up, earn extra rewards, and be taught extra about every dragon’s talents and improve advantages:

1. Use a dragon’s particular talents in every degree

Each dragon has a particular potential. Blaze can slide whereas Rocky can climb partitions. Blizzy can stomp and flap Ice Cube to get from one place to one other. During the sport you’ll be able to change to one other dragon if the surroundings requires it. For instance, in a single degree I had to change to Blaze as a result of the extent had an space the place I had to transfer from one platform to one other and solely gliding might have allowed me to transfer.

dragon land

regulate the indicators. They present how to overcome obstacles, and usually an indication might be positioned close to an space, indicating that obstacles in that space could be cleared with a dragon’s particular potential. You could have observed such indicators proper subsequent to enormous partitions. Such indicators advise you to use Ricky’s wall-climbing potential.

However, some ranges are unique to dragons and you can not choose a distinct dragon firstly of a degree or change to a distinct creature in the midst of a degree. You can simply determine such ranges earlier than taking part in them, simply faucet on a degree within the map and if there is no such thing as a “Switch Dragon” button then that degree won’t allow you to change a dragon or change to one other fire-breathing creature whereas taking part in .

2. Shadows play an essential function on this sport

In 3D ranges it may be tough to hit a block or bounce off an enemy. But thanks to the shadows of your kite and block, you’ll be able to simply see their positions. When you press the bounce button to bounce off a creature, you’ll be able to see your dragon’s shadow. This will provide you with a transparent thought of ​​your kite’s place. Its shadow will point out if you happen to’re proper on the right track or if it’s a miss.

Similarly, you can too see the shadow of a block floating within the air. The block’s shadow exhibits its actual place and you’ll be able to hit it by shifting your dragon between the block and its shadow.

3. Blocks include not solely cash but additionally boosters

Jumping to hit blocks floating within the air earns cash. But not all blocks include cash. Some additionally embody boosters like assault, defend, turbo, invincibility, and so on. The commonest booster you’ll get simply is Attack. It prompts your dragon’s secondary ability. Boosters aren’t all the time hidden in containers. Many could be seen scattered on a aircraft, floating within the air. Such booster blocks have a novel shade and normally a gold border round them.

Normally you’ll spend gems to get boosters. Since gems are tough to earn, you’ll be able to strive to hit each field you see to get boosters. And because the marketing campaign phases aren’t time-based, you’ll be able to take your time in search of blocks and hitting them for rewards. Any booster you get from blocks is restricted to that degree and doesn’t carry over to the subsequent degree. So strive to use them on enemy creatures to earn cash from them.

4. Types of Boosters

There are various kinds of boosters:


Protects your dragon from enemies and dangerous obstacles. The defend disappears when the dragon encounters an impediment or enemy.


Makes your dragon invincible in opposition to any obstacles or enemies for a short while.


Activates Attack. Once activated, you’ll be able to faucet the assault button to destroy creatures.


When a dragon climbs a wall or glides, it wants some vitality. The blue bar beneath the dragon’s well being bar exhibits how a lot vitality is left. Hold the particular potential button and the blue bar will shrink till it turns into empty. It takes time to refill the blue vitality time, however with Tireless the blue bar doesn’t lower in any respect.


Increases dragon velocity for just a few seconds.

If you desire a booster earlier than taking part in a degree, go to Shop and click on on the Boosters tab. You want Gems to purchase them. You can activate a booster by tapping the button on the prime of the display screen and then tapping the bought booster.

5. Upgrade to enhance Dragon stats

After finishing a degree, the sport will show a listing of earned rewards. The listing exhibits gems and cash and XP earned in that degree. The expertise gained will fill the extent or XP meter and as soon as it’s full your dragon might be upgraded to a brand new degree. However, you need to use cash to velocity up upgrades. To do that, go to “Upgrade” and faucet on the blue improve button. There might be a tiny exclamation mark indicating that the dragon could be leveled up.

Upgrading your dragon will increase its life factors and injury factors. The injury factors are used for a dragon’s secondary talents. For instance: Blaze’s injury factors can enhance his flamethrower talents.
Try upgrading a dragon if it doesn’t meet the extent necessities. The sport will warn you and take you to the improve display screen in case your dragon doesn’t meet the necessities.

Each dragon additionally has a most degree. Keep upgrading a dragon and when it reaches its max degree it may be advanced into a much bigger, extra highly effective dragon. However, evolution prices pink gems, that are tough to earn. Use them with care.

6. Types of dragons and how to unlock them

There are a number of various kinds of fire-breathing creatures in Dragon Land, together with a cute tribute to YouTube sensation PewDiePie. Each dragon possesses sure distinctive talents and could be unlocked by spending gems or finishing a particular degree:

Tutanky Dragon:

Spend 250 gems to get this premium kite. Level 15 Dragon. Possesses Glide and Lightning talents. Deals 31 injury and has 130 well being.

PewDiePie Dragon:

Spend only one gem to get this cute dragon. Level 3 Dragon. Possesses gliding and sword thrusting talents. Deals 8 injury and has 40 well being.


This Premium Dragon could be bought for 500 Gems. Level 18 dragon. Shoots bouncing fireballs and can climb like Rocky. Has 145 well being and offers 35 injury to enemies.


Complete all ranges in Episode 3 to unlock this dragon. Level 13 Dragon. Has Dash and Twister talents (can take the type of a twister and destroy all close by enemies). Damage 23 and well being 90.


Unlock this Premium Dragon with 750 Gems. Dash and Cannonball expertise. Dragon degree 20. Health 155 and injury 38.


Complete all ranges in Episode 5 to unlock Blizzy. Level 22 Dragon. Has Stomp and Blizzard Breath expertise. Damage 36 and Health 135.


Spend 1000 Gems to get this Premium Dragon. Launches a Vortex and has the Stomp potential. Health 180 and Damage 46.

ice cubes:

This cute dragon could be unlocked after finishing all ranges of Episode 7. He has Wing Flapping and Freezing talents. Health 185 and Damage 51.

7. Quests and Quick Play are your gateway to Gems and Coins

If you might be in dire want of cash, play quests. You can discover quests on an episode map. Tap the ship full of gold cash or the search button on the backside of the display screen to entry the search display screen. You can earn up to 325 cash for finishing a quest, plus extra cash you accumulate as you play. There are three various kinds of quests – 1. Race 2. A easy 2D degree and 3. A degree that checks your dragon’s main expertise (climbing, gliding, and so on.). For every quest you play, you spend a life. A quest will not be obtainable shortly after completion. You could have to wait about an hour.

You can use gems to evolve creatures and purchase boosters. To earn Gems, you’ll be able to strive Quick Play. An benefit of Quick Play is that you simply don’t have to spend hearts to play it. However, fast play ranges are more durable than marketing campaign ranges and you want to full a coin purpose to earn gems. You get one level for each coin you accumulate. Keep bouncing off enemies and accumulating cash scattered all through a degree. Every time you begin Quick Play, you’ll be greeted with a brand new degree and a brand new dragon.

Additional ideas and methods

In Dragonland, preserve an eye fixed out for crimson blocks wrapped in present paper. They normally include keys. Keys unlock bonus ranges in an episode. On the episode map, search for the gold and silver keyholes and faucet on them to examine the necessities. You could have to replay a earlier degree if you happen to can’t discover such containers on the primary strive. Replaying a degree prices one coronary heart.

Since a lot of the ranges aren’t time based mostly, go sluggish together with your jumps and actions. Study enemy motion patterns and transfer accordingly. Switch to one other dragon (if the sport permits it) when you will have discovered that it’ll not be straightforward to change from one platform to one other with the at present chosen dragon.
If you’re operating out of hearts, you’ll be able to watch a video or ship coronary heart requests to your Facebook buddies. You should join to FB first earlier than requesting lives.

The last boss degree requires massive crimson crystals, so ensure you accumulate them everytime you see them. They are normally obtainable in hard-to-reach areas or in particular rooms that may be accessed by way of portals. Watch out for swirls in every degree. They will teleport you to a bonus room the place you will discover these large crimson gems.

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