Digby Forever: 5 Tips Hints and Strategies for Earning Gems

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Developed by 3 Sprockets, this gem of a sport known as Digby Forever (no pun meant) allows you to maneuver a hard-working miner who should dig by means of earth seeking uncommon and helpful trinkets. On his approach down he’ll face many obstacles and enemies. Only you’ll be able to assist him dig up gems by shifting away from enemies, exploiting obstacles to seize enemies, and fastidiously maneuvering to achieve new depths and earn extra gems.

Digby Forever’s graphics are beautiful. You should see the terrain explode into tiny pixels when a bomb goes off. We have one of the best Digby Forever ideas and methods that may provide help to dig deep, uncover extra gems and equip one of the best playing cards for your character:

1. Moving Digby: Know this contact management

If you’ve simply began taking part in Digby, you may be a bit confused by the sport’s contact controls. When you faucet the display, your character will routinely transfer in the identical route till you faucet the display once more to cease shifting. To transfer it left, proper, up or down, it’s essential to swipe in that route. When it strikes down and you need to transfer it up, it’s important to swipe up.

Digby forever

If there may be an enemy or impediment in entrance of them, you simply should faucet to cease their motion. But when the enemy approaches you, it’s important to transfer away by swiping left/proper or in the wrong way. Knowing correct motion controls will make it simpler to dig additional and keep away from enemies, traps, and bombs.

2. How to combat bombs and benefit from them

When you begin digging a bomb, it should activate and a big red-outlined circle will seem round it. Well, that crimson circle is the vary of the bomb. You should shortly transfer away from this circle by swiping up, left, or proper. I normally swipe as much as get out of vary of the ticking bomb, then faucet the display to cease, or simply flick left or proper till it detonates.

While bombs might be harmful, they’ll clear blocks and earn you gems. You’re fortunate in case you spot bombs lined up in a row. All it’s important to do is activate one and it should explode and detonate different bombs. This will erase a big portion of the blocks. Use bombs to your benefit to clear area, destroy enemies (activate them once you see enemies approaching your character), and earn Mega Gems.

3. Types of gems and terrain

Your objective is to maintain digging for gems and change them for cash. There are two major varieties of terrain: Normal and Hard. Digby can dig by means of regular terrain pretty simply, however solely positive factors a gem after digging a block. Digging by means of robust terrain takes time, however arduous work pays off within the type of 3 gems per block. When you choose a terrain within the Customize part, you’ll be able to see what regular terrain and arduous terrain appear to be. The tiny sq. is the arduous terrain whereas the U form is the traditional terrain.

A crystal can provide you a number of gems. Look for crimson and inexperienced crystals. You earn 10 gems by breaking crimson crystals and 20 gems from inexperienced crystals.

Top: Detonate bombs which can be positioned close to a bunch of crystals to get numerous gems immediately.

4. Watch out for collapses and rolls

You can cease your character from digging by tapping the display, shifting it in any route, and even shifting it up in case you missed an enormous gem digging alternative on the prime. Watch out for cave-in warnings as you climb. These may very well be laser beams and stalactites falling from above. Before a laser emits or stalactites fall, a warning tone sounds. The sport additionally exhibits paths earlier than one thing falls from above, so control such warnings earlier than swiping up.

Huge reels transfer down at a relentless velocity, so ensure your character isn’t too near them. Try to not transfer up once you see a curler coming down.

5. Types of capability playing cards and their advantages

Ability playing cards will help you dig additional, do away with enemies, and earn extra gems. You can equip as much as 3 playing cards. Cards expire after a couple of minutes after equipping your character. Check every card’s expiration time earlier than including it to your deck.

There are several types of playing cards. Each card kind can provide you a singular benefit. For instance: a “currency” card can present further gems per block, whereas one other foreign money card will increase the gem change price by 5 p.c.

  • Enemy playing cards routinely have an effect on enemies. “Slow Enemies” is an enemy card kind that may gradual enemy motion by 200 p.c.
  • Drill maps have an effect on Digby’s drill velocity.
  • A defend card provides your character further life. A defend card can provide an additional life when killed by lava or cave-ins, or an additional life when killed solely by enemies.
  • Death playing cards present sure advantages that happen after your character dies. The explosion
  • The Death Bonus card awards 500 gems when your character is killed by an explosion. There is one other card known as
  • “Lava Death Bonus” which awards 500 gems when your character is killed by lava.
  • Currency playing cards will provide help to earn extra gems and cash.
  • Gambling playing cards provide rewards after touring a sure distance or drilling an “X” variety of blocks. They are divided into two extra varieties – “Drill” and “Distance”.

I at all times take defend playing cards with me as they supply an additional flip. You can select a defend card, a threat card, a dying card, or have your alternative of deck that gives most advantages. Keep amassing playing cards from Free Gifts and select a card mixture that gives most advantages, rewards, and dangers.

Additional ideas and hints

You get a free card pack each half-hour, however you should utilize the cash you earn to purchase a card of your alternative or a full card pack. I’d advocate getting the case for 75 cash as it’s the most cost-effective pack of all of the packs accessible within the card store. Crates comprise 2 2-star playing cards, 4 1-star playing cards, and a random 3-star card. Featured units include higher playing cards (3-star-2-star playing cards), however you solely get 3 playing cards for 100 cash.

Keep an eye fixed on the medal icon on the backside of your property display. Tapping this icon takes you to an inventory of missions. Complete missions to earn numerous cash.

Collect Digbots and spend cash to extend their drilling velocity. Once you improve their velocity, you’ll be able to improve the bucket dimension to extend gem storage capability. You unlock a brand new Digbot after shifting a sure distance. Make positive to allocate cash for every bot improve to gather cash quicker.

Watch out for hostile conduct. Some enemies will stay silent and transfer towards your character as he approaches them. Get away from “sudden attacks” and giant enemies.

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