Crazy Cake Swap: Tips, Hints and Tricks to Beat Levels

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Zynga’s newest sport brings a scrumptious twist to the match-3 puzzle style. Crazy Cake Swap permits you to combine and match treats and full distinctive targets to improve your bakery gross sales. You should mix candies to meet your prospects’ calls for, create pathways on the sport board for them to enter your bakery, and make mates trapped in rock sweet.

The sport presents a refreshing tackle the most well-liked style on cellular, and followers will savor each chunk of it. The visuals are pleasing to the attention and the aims are enjoyable and participating. These ideas, hints, and tips will provide help to obtain targets, create particular treats, and know what every particular deal with can do to fulfill your prospects’ candy tooth.

1. The many advantages of Frosting Popper

Frosting Popper is among the important treats in Crazy Cake Swap. It might be created by combining 4 treats in a sq.. It takes on the colour of all 4 treats, so should you mix blue treats in a sq., the popper shall be blue. All you might have to do is faucet the popper. Once it pops, its splashes will go to a random deal with of the identical shade and “pop” it. Frosting poppers could be a actual sport changer, particularly when you have already got some poppers and only some strikes left. Here are a few of its benefits:

1. When tapping a frosting popper, don’t use a transfer.

Crazy cake swap

2. Match a frosting popper with candies of the identical shade to add extra poppers. After matching, a quantity is displayed subsequent to the popper, indicating what number of objects of the identical shade shall be faraway from the board after the popper.

For instance:

Combining two hearts with a purple popper provides 2 extra poppers, making it 3. Tap the popper and 3 splashes will destroy 3 hearts.

3. Exchange a popper for a line blaster. The popper’s squirt will pop a deal with of the identical shade and then clear a row or column of treats in the identical spot. If there’s a couple of popper contained in the popper, say two, then two squirts will hit the closest same-colored treats, eradicating two rows and columns of treats.

4. Trade a popper for a bomb deal with (cute with three candles on it) and its splash hits a close-by deal with of the identical shade. Once it pops the deal with of the identical shade, a small explosion will take away the encompassing sweet.

5. If you swap a popper for a rainbow star, all sweet of that shade will turn into poppers.

6. Swapping a popper for one more popper will take away random candies of the identical shade. So should you swap a inexperienced popper for a purple popper, their splashes will take away a random inexperienced and purple sweet.

2. Know your particular treats

  • Match 4 candies of the identical shade to create a particular arrow deal with. Now mix the particular deal with with 2 different treats of the identical shade to set off a row/column explosion. If the course of the arrow is horizontal, a row of treats is eliminated, and whether it is vertical, a column of treats is faraway from the sport board.
  • Match 5 treats in an L form to create an superior deal with. There are three birthday candles on this particular deal with. Now mix it with 2 extra candies of the identical shade and an explosion will take away all candies within the space.
  • Match 5 treats in a straight line to create a rainbow star. Combine it with any sweet and it’ll take away all candies of that shade from the board.
    Swap two particular arrow treats to take away a row and a column on the similar time
  • Swap an Arrow deal with for a Bomb deal with to clear three rows and columns without delay.
  • Swap a bomb deal with for one more bomb deal with to create a much bigger explosion.
  • Trading a Rainbow Star for an Arrow Treat will add arrows to all candies of that shade. These sweets will then clear a row or column relying on the course of the arrow. So should you swapped out a rainbow star for a purple deal with with a horizontal arrow image on it, all candies of that shade may also have horizontal arrows. All of them will delete rows.

3. Make room to your buyer

In ranges the place you might have to clear a path to the door, be certain that there are not any obstacles or rock sweet close to your buyer. If there are some limitations, attempt to get rid of them first by discovering treats close to them. Examine the sport board and search for giant matchsticks first. Match candies in the course of the board to clear all candies or obstacles.

path for customer

When the obstacles in entrance of the shopper are cleared, you may see an incomplete path on the sport board. Just observe the unfinished path and hold matching candies close by to rapidly join it to the door. Remember that you simply want to clear paths for a number of prospects, so attempt to clear a path in a number of strikes.

When matching candies, scan the board and search for the shortest path that leads to the door. Make probably the most of particular treats. In such ranges, the Frosting Popper and Arrow Treats might be of nice assist. Try creating a few of these particular treats and make room to your prospects!

4. Match treats on the backside of the sport board to make room for brand new sweets

If you don’t discover 4 or 5 treats, it’s as a result of the sport board doesn’t have the sweet of your selection. Try matching candies within the center and on the backside of the sport board. This will make room for brand new candies from the highest of the board. New treats will come down as you retain discovering matching treats within the center and on the backside of the sport board.

Additional ideas and tips

Not solely does connecting with Facebook supply rewards, however it additionally permits you to rent a buddy to provide help to full a stage. You simply have to ship your buddy a stage lifeline request and he/she’s going to do it for you. Also you may assist your folks to beat their ranges. Connect and wait for his or her request.

Finding hidden mates in Crazy Cake Swap is enjoyable supplied you create numerous particular treats and use them to clear rock sweet. Keep looking for 4 or extra matches; create extra arrow treats and frosting poppers to uncover mates hidden underneath rock sweet.

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