Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to use the Wildberry Cookie

A brand new cookie has been launched in the Cookie Run Kingdom! He’s obtainable in his personal featured gacha banner, the place gamers get an elevated likelihood of getting him. The banner runs for 41 days, so you will get him from there till June 13, 2022 (+9:00 GMT). If you’re fortunate, you will get him from the regular banner too, and soulstones for him may pop up in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time. In this Cookie Run Kingdom piece, we’ll take a look at the suggestions to use Wildberry cookies.

If you need to get him, that is your finest likelihood, since he gained’t be obtainable in the Mileage Shop for at the very least an replace or two. If you will have a variety of crystals saved up, attempt getting a number of copies of him in the featured banner so you will get some promotion rewards for him in a number of weeks.

Out of all the previous cookies, Wildberry is most related to Gingerbrave Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie. Like Gingerbrave, he rams into the enemy group and stuns them for a second, besides Wildberry offers much more injury! He’s an awesome attacker regardless of being a defensive cookie.

Wildberry cookie's skill
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Similar to Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Wildberry gives a further 15% DMG Resist to his allies for a brief period of time. While Strawberry Crepe gives a much bigger increase (50% DMG Resist) Wildberry gives a helpful stun together with an offensive assault, so most gamers go for Wildberry as a substitute. He’s shortly changing into a favourite in Arena, and a few prime gamers use him for his or her Alliance runs too for his further DMG Resist.

Like all tanks, there are some cookies which are helpful for defeating him. A typical technique to use in opposition to groups with Wildberry is a Sorbet Front comp, which often consists of Sorbet Shark, Frost Queen, Pumpkin Pie, Cotton, and Parfait.

The thought is for Sorbet Shark to slowly however absolutely beat the enemy fronts (Sorbet Shark is one among the finest cookies for defeating tanks), Frost Queen to stall the different group as continuously as attainable, and Pumpkin Pie for her diminished therapeutic (she summons a creature that lowers the close by cookie’s obtained therapeutic by 40%), Cotton for her heals and stuns, and Parfait for her 40% Debuff Resist, holding your group secure from debuffs that the different group might need.

Generally, Wildberry Cookie makes use of both Swift Chocolate or Whole Almonds.

1. Swift Chocolate Topping

Using a full Swift Chocolate topping set on Wildberry Cookie lets him use his abilities as continuously as attainable. This additionally offers him a 2-second begin. If you’re planning on utilizing a combined set on him with Swift Chocolates and Whole Almonds, ensure you have a 16.7% cooldown on his toppings since that is the minimal cooldown requirement for a 2-second talent begin.

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On combined units, you’d need to have as many DMG Resist substats as attainable too, since he’s a Defense cookie and is at all times positioned at the entrance. This means he’ll absorb most of the injury from the different group, so if you happen to’re not giving him sufficient safety then he can get defeated simply, leaving the remainder of your group defenceless. For reference, a set with 3 Swift Chocolates and a couple of Whole Almonds can present up to 38.2% DMG Resist, however realistically the highest you will get is round 30%.

Note {that a} single maxed Epic Swift Chocolate topping gives 3% CD, and the most cooldown substate you will get on a topping is 2%. This implies that for a combined set that comprises 3 Swift Chocolate toppings, you’ll want an additional 7.7% whole CD in substats alone. If you’re a more recent participant with out a variety of good toppings, it’s quite a bit higher to go for a full set as a substitute of a combined one.

2. Whole Almonds Topping

Whole Almonds
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For a extra defensive construct, you’ll be able to put Whole Almonds on him. A full Whole Almonds set gives 20.5% DMG Resist, and a further 5%  from the set impact bonus, totalling up to 25.5%. Since the most DMG Resist, you will get from toppings substats is 6%, in idea, you’ll be able to have 50.5% DMG Resist on Wildberry. However, most skilled gamers accept round 45% to 49%, because it’s arduous to get good topping substats.

Other Topping substats

Since Wildberry is a entrance cookie, these substats can be good to have on him:

  • DMG Resist
  • Crit Resist
  • DEF
  • HP

However, in contrast to Whole Almonds (DMG Resist), the different substats are solely good as a “bonus” to your cookie, as a substitute of being your major focus. Other substats which are good to have on Wildberry is ATK, CRIT, and typically ATK Speed.

ATK Speed is helpful if you happen to’re utilizing Wildberry with Caramel Arrow Cookie, and also you’re utilizing the Enchanted Librarian’s Robes. Since Wildberry is sort of at all times the first cookie to assault in any given group, further ATK Speed (be sure they’re one among the two cookies with the highest ATK Speed in your group, with the different cookie being Caramel Arrow) on him plus the Robes treasure’s impact would make him assault quicker than an enemy Wildberry.

This is very helpful since Wildberry stuns the different group, and in case your Wildberry goes first you then’ll have a superior benefit to the different group. You’ll be dealing injury to the enemy group whereas they’re surprised and might’t battle again. Another factor to be aware is that whereas Searing Raspberries and Juicy Apple Jellies are a few of the finest toppings in the sport, they’re not appropriate for Wildberry Cookie.

Wildberry is one among the finest cookies to use in Arena at the second, and it’s arduous to discover gamers in Masters and Grandmasters that don’t have him of their group. There are many nice groups to use him with at the second, with some examples being:

Final Thoughts
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1. Wildberry Comp: Wildberry, Caramel Arrow, Pomegranate, Eclair, Herb

This is one among the widespread comps and is straightforward to construct because it solely has Epic Cookies. Pomegranate and Herb assist hold the group alive, whereas the remainder of your cookies deal injury to the enemy group. Try to use as many DMG Resist substats in your group as you’ll be able to.

2. Quad Front Team: Wildberry, Madeleine, Dark Cacao, Caramel Arrow, Pomegranate (the final one may be changed with Eclair, Parfait, or Herb)

This comp is for extra superior gamers and would require you to have Dark Cacao, an Ancient Cookie. While this group solely has one healer, this group has 4 entrance cookies to make up for it, offering a heavy defence whereas additionally coping with nice assaults. These 4 cookies are one among the most offensive tanks in the sport, and Pomegranate being in your group simply helps increase their injury extra.

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