Broyalty: Defend Your Castle Beginners Guide and Tips

Broyalty: Defend Your Castle is an RPG from Starkit Studio LLC. Set within the center ages, this sport has base-building, preventing PvE and PvP, managing assets, and assigning completely different dwellers to completely different resource-generating rooms. It combines parts from Clash of Clans combines with Fallout Shelter In this information, we’ll take a look at tips on how to get assets, tips on how to struggle battles, and so on. Without additional delay, let’s get into it.

Introducing the Castle in Broyalty

In Broyalty, it’s a must to restore a fort to its former glory, whereas making an attempt to impress the Queen of the fort. The fort has completely different rooms, and defenses to guard the fort:

  • The Throne Room: This is the room that lets you unlock different rooms, as you go on upgrading it to completely different ranges. Your progress will depend on this room, and it’s a must to improve it as quickly as attainable after getting sufficient assets, in an effort to make your self stronger.
  • The Kitchen: The Kitchen is the place you make meals on your dwellers. Food can also be a vital useful resource on your troops in an effort to struggle battles. As the variety of dwellers will increase, extra meals can be required, so it’s suggested to improve your kitchens first after you improve your throne room each time.
  • The Treasury: This is the place gold is produced. Upgrading the Treasury results in the next quantity of gold manufacturing, and therefore allows quicker up-gradation of the assorted rooms.
  • The Gold Storage: All the gold wanted for upgrading completely different rooms of the fort, is saved right here. The Throne Room, Kitchen, Gold Storage, Garrison, and so forth, are upgraded with gold. It is crucial useful resource on this sport moreover meals.
  • The Garrison: This is the place your troops are stationed. Upgrading the garrison will assist so as to add extra troops to your battle squad. It will even aid you to take extra troops into battle.
  • The Training Room: You can improve your fighters within the coaching room. As with all the opposite rooms, upgrading the Throne Rom is essential in an effort to improve the coaching room. Your fighters will degree up by coaching within the coaching room, making them stronger, and in a position to wield higher gadgets.
  • The Living Room: It turns into out there once you improve the Throne Room to degree 3. A Living Room is the place, just like the Living Quarters in Fallout Shelter, your dwellers may give beginning to kids, who change into future dwellers.
  • The Forge: The Forge is a room the place you’ll be able to craft weapons and gadgets on your military. This room can randomly craft Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary gadgets. You can’t select which sort of troop you wish to create an merchandise for, however you can’t select what merchandise is created. These gadgets are solely degree 16 and above.
  • Defenses: Cannons shield your base from enemy raids by firing projectiles at them, and preserve your assets protected. Similar defenses embrace Barricades, a gun,z, and an ice ballista.

Building and upgrading all these rooms is critical for progress, and therefore it’s advisable to maintain funneling assets into these till they’re upgraded to the utmost degree allowed by the throne room.

Tribute Chest

In the grounds of the fort, there’s a tribute chest, the place goblins depart tributes within the type of gold, gear, and so forth. This chest must be emptied repeatedly in order that if an enemy assaults, there is no such thing as a likelihood of them looting it.

Broyalty Tribute Chest
Image through Starkit Studio LLC

As you’ll be able to see within the image above, upgrading to the Premium subscription may give you extra uncommon rewards within the tribute chest. The fundamental rewards are at all times widespread and unusual gadgets, whereas the Premium rewards embrace uncommon, epic gadgets and typically even emeralds.

Understanding the Dwellers

Like Fallout Shelter, Broyalty has dwellers who periodically arrive on the fort. They all have completely different strengths and will be assigned to completely different rooms to supply varied assets. They even have completely different professions, the main professions being:

  • Cook: Cooks handle the Kitchen. They produce meals, and therefore assigning a dweller who is sweet at cooking is critical to extend the effectivity of meals manufacturing.
  • Treasurer: Works within the Treasury, and produces gold. Upgrading the treasury results in quicker gold manufacturing. You can’t assign multiple dweller to the treasury and gold storage.
  • Alchemist: As the identify suggests, the Alchemist works to supply mana. The Mana Factory requires an alchemist who produces mana periodically, and the mana can be utilized to make fight spells.
  • Carpenter: The carpenter is the builder, who builds and upgrades the rooms. Having multiple carpenter can assist to upbuild and improve multiple room, and different buildings concurrently.
  • Combat Troops: These are the dwellers that struggle on your kingdom. There are three main lessons of fighters: Warriors, Healers, Mages, and Ranged Units (Archers and knife-wielding Assassins). Combat troops have completely different ranges of apparatus, however they’ll solely be outfitted after the fighter reaches a sure degree. The fight unit ranges will be upgraded/elevated within the coaching room.

Besides these professions, a Male and Female dweller may give beginning to infants within the Living Room. These infants take a while to develop into adults, and can then be assigned to completely different rooms, relying on their greatest expertise.

Star Level of Dwellers

As you degree up and get extra dwellers, a few of them can be at the next star degree than the dwellers you’ve got firstly of the sport. Almost all dwellers firstly can be 1 or 2-star dwellers, and as you progress, you get greater star degree dwellers, so it’s at all times really useful to utilize the dwellers with essentially the most stars (4 stars are one of the best most often) for working across the fort.

Managing your Resources in Broyalty

Broyalty has several types of assets, however the main assets which might be in use for almost all of gameplay are:

  • Gold: The most essential useful resource. Gold is free to acquire and is obtained by way of the Treasury. The extra gold you’ve got, the extra simply you’ll be able to improve your rooms and fort. Gold can also be obtained by way of chests and successful battles.
  • Food: The solely useful resource that may allow troops to struggle. The Kitchen produces meals, and upgrading the Kitchen produces extra meals, thus enabling you to struggle in additional battles and get extra assets.
  • Mana: When you improve your Throne Room to degree 3, you can begin making magic spells for fight. Mana is much like Gold and Food, it’s produced in a separate room and is saved for future use.
  • Emeralds: Emeralds are inexperienced gems, and they’re the premium foreign money in Broyalty. Emeralds can end any improve immediately, can get you uncommon, epic, and legendary assets and gadgets, and may also purchase lacking assets which might be essential for an improve. You can get these from chests, however very hardly ever, or else you should purchase them with actual cash.
  • Chests: Chests are the rewards you get for successful battles and finishing duties and successful battles. These chests can comprise something from gold to widespread, uncommon, or epic gadgets, relying on the kind of chest you get.

The Premium Pass

To assist a participant get a headstart on their journey into the land of Broyalty, the sport gives some newbie gives, The first beginner-friendly supply is displayed once you defeat the primary boss on the PvE map. This supply is for 1.10 US Dollars and will be purchased instantly after the first boss, Ghyr The Goblin, is defeated.

Premium Pass Broyalty
Image through Starkit Studio LLC

Other gives contain a Chicken Commando supply for five.7 US Dollars, and it comes up on the display screen once in a while for those who don’t purchase it at first. This supply consists of some Epic-level gear, quite a lot of meals, and gold, and if introduced, it may be helpful to improve your fort faster and make your troops stronger. This is as a result of extra assets and rarer gear can be found on this supply.

The sport additionally gives a premium model subscription service for 15 days and 30 days, for 3.3 USD and 5.6 USD respectively. This subscription service consists of advantages like elevated useful resource storage, defending assets from enemy raids, and so forth.

Strategize your Battles in Broyalty

In this sport, there are two sorts of battles which you could struggle: PvP (Fighting vs different gamers) and PvE (Fighting vs bot enemies). The PvE battles most include the primary storyline battles, whereas the PvP battles contain raiding different gamers’ precise bases. You struggle battles through the use of meals because the useful resource, that sends the troops into battle.

The extra meals you’ve got, the extra battles you’ll be able to struggle. Before each struggle, you’ll be able to see what the enemy’s energy is, and what your workforce’s energy is. It is usually a good suggestion to solely struggle the battles the place your energy is greater than the enemy, or else you’ll find yourself killing certainly one of your fighters, and they’ll take a while to heal up.


Always make certain to equip your fighters with essentially the most acceptable gear. You can discover one of the best gear for every fighter class by clicking on the completely different class icons on the backside of the fighters’ description/profile web page. Different sorts of fighters would require completely different gear primarily based on their sort. Warriors primarily use Axes as weapons, Archers use Bows, Healers/Mages use staffs, and Assassins use knives. All fighters can put on helmets and armor. it doesn’t matter what sort of fighter they’re.

Broyalty Battles
Image through Starkit Studio LLC


This sport has an amazing assist useful resource for gamers who’re unfamiliar with such “place the unit here for best outcome” type RPG video games. It highlights the really useful positions for every sort of fighter on the board.

When you comply with the positioning suggestions, you’ll get one of the best end result after you degree up fighters to an acceptable degree. Always pay shut consideration to those positioning packing containers. These can be highlighted with the category of the fighter, with completely different symbols used for Warrior class (Axe), Mage (Magic workers), Archer (Bow and Arrow), and Assassin (Two knives).

Broyalty Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few of our suggestions in our Broyalty Beginners Guide that will help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • PvP Battles: There are 2 attainable sorts of PvP battles in Broyalty: both you assault the castles that seem on the map, or your fort is below assault. If you’re below assault, you can’t keep away from the battle. If your protection will not be sturdy sufficient, the enemy can take a few of your gold or mana as a reward, similar to in Clash Of Clans. When you assault different gamers’ castles, you’ll be able to loot them and convey again rewards on your kingdom.
  • Offline Usage: This sport will not be playable offline. It requires a good, high-speed web connection in an effort to run easily.
  • Upgrading Tips: After upgrading your Throne Room, upgrading the Kitchen, Treasury, Gold Storage, and then the Mana Factory and Spell Storage is one of the simplest ways to maintain all of your assets at most capability. Also, make certain your defenses are on the most attainable degree attainable on the present Throne Room degree.
  • Training Fighters: Always preserve two of your fighters within the coaching room always. Getting them to the very best degree attainable at your present Throne Room degree is essential.
  • Max-out Everything: Before upgrading the Throne Room, be sure you have upgraded all the things to the very best attainable degree for the Throne Room.
  • Troop Star Level: Always use the dwellers with essentially the most quantity of stars attainable, to type your preventing occasion. 4 starfighters are optimum for this.
  • Free-To-Play: In fact, this sport favors the Pay-To-Win aspect, however Free-To-Play gamers may also make first rate progress in the event that they decide their playstyle, and preserve and spend their assets with care.

That’s all from us for the Broyalty Beginners Guide! Did you discover our Broyalty inexperienced persons information useful? Do tell us within the feedback!

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