Battle Cats tier list – every kitty ranked

Everything’s higher when cats are concerned, and that goes for cellular tower defence video games, too – Battle Cats is proof of this. The sport is a purrfect addition to the style and options all method of kitties. Some are lovable, others are badass, and all adore it whenever you scratch that little spot behind their ear. However, that doesn’t imply there isn’t a hierarchy in relation to these lovable felines.

Therefore, to let you already know which kitties have claws, we put this Battle Cats tier list collectively, and it options the entire feisty felines you’ll want to find out about from the sport. No matter how cute they’re, you want a cat that has the attention of the tiger. However, do keep in mind that this isn’t a definitive list. If you want a cat from tier D, then there’s nothing flawed with placing them on the frontlines.

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Anyway, onto our Battle Cats tier list.

Battle Cats tier list

Rank Battle Cats characters
S Aphrodite, Gao, Jizo, Mitama, Keiji, Tecoluga, D’artanyan, Shadow Gao, Togeluga
A Amaterasu, Mighty Rekon Korps, Yukimura, Thundia, NekoShinji, Pai Pai, Tropical Kalisa, Catman, EVA-00, Baby Cat, EVA-01, Raiden
B Kai, Miyabi, Nurse Cat, Windy, Vars, Subaru, EVA-02, Ganesha, Sarukani, Gothic Mitama, Cat Machine, Mighty Drednot, Momotaro, Zeus, Mekako, Queen Reika, Urashima Taro, Warlock and Pierre, Yuletide Nurse, Poseidon, Ice Cat, Kaguya, Megidora, Hayabusa
C Bunny and Canard, Akira, REI, Sakura Sonic, Yoshimoto, Voli, Demon Cat, Kenshin, Cosmo, Mighty Bomburr, Nekoluga, Mighty Thermae, Anubis, Bora, Aer, Kuu, Nerv Moon, Saki, Balauga, Hallowindy, Mizli, Sodom, Trickster Himeyuri, Springtime Kenshin, Midsummer Rabbit, Spooky Thundia, White Rabbit, Sodom
D Asiluga, Graveflower Verbena, Lilith Cat, Mighty Kat-A-Pult, Paladin, Santa Kuu, Wolfchild Deale, Sea Maiden Ruri
E Frosty Kai, Nobunga Unplaced, Jupiter King, HI-DO, Huge Hermit, Mobius, General Morden

There you could have it, our Battle Cats tier list. For extra nice video games, try our picks for the perfect iPhone video games and greatest Android video games.

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