Among Us character – Red, Black, White, and who they are

The Among Us characters are, properly, among the many most iconic in all of gaming. These crewmates of a spaceship gone off the deep finish are as mysterious as they are oddly cute, and their bottomless wardrobe of bizarre and wild cosmetics makes all of them the extra unforgettable.

You can presently select from a grand complete of 12 totally different crewmates, every with their very own distinctive color. It’s true that there’s no actual gameplay profit to choosing one Among Us character over one other, however let’s be sincere and admit that your long-term purpose in the very best cell multiplayer video games is to look actually darn cool.

Thankfully, you may customise your Among Us character to your coronary heart’s content material with numerous Among Us skins, Among Us hats, and even Among Us pets. You can simply make your crewmate distinctive to you by getting artistic and matching your avatar’s color to their clothes. So, sure, Among Us vogue is certainly a factor, and with this right here information, you’ll quickly be an professional in each Among Us character.

Everything it’s essential to know concerning the amongst us characters:

Who are the amongst us characters?

The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a spaceship invaded by an odd and lethal imposter. They’re humanoid creatures with a portly look, and they put on full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. The backpack’s goal is unclear, although our greatest guess is that it’s an oxygen tank of some form.

The crewmembers present no apparent hierarchy or specialisations, which means they can carry out any activity on the ship with out incident. Provided the imposter doesn’t kill them, that’s. Right now, the Among Us characters don’t have any strong backstory, however that would change over time as new maps and updates arrive.

What are the Among Us characters known as?

Your Among Us character’s identify is set by you, the participant. Changing your identify is an easy course of and will be finished previous to the beginning of a brand new spherical. Simply navigate your approach to the ‘Online’ menu, click on on ‘Enter Name’, then swap your present title out for one thing contemporary and thrilling. Note that you just can’t change your identify whilst you’re partway by a spherical, as this may permit for all method of complicated shenanigans.

Every amongst us character

There are 12 Among Us characters in complete, every with their very own distinct color. Here’s a full checklist:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

And that’s it for our Among Us character information. If you’re searching for extra information on the right way to carry out duties, outwit the imposter, or seek out the crewmates, greatest give our full Among Us information a fast learn.

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